Thursday, September 25, 2008

You've made my decision.

As you may remember, last week I wondered if I should even attempt to start reading the Twilight series, so I pleaded for input. And I got it! Quite a bit of it.


Fifteen people told me to read it; of those fifteen, seven suggested I only read the first book, as it is the best. There were very convincing arguments -

Only two people told me to forgo my curiosity and leave it be. One person (who shall remain anonymous) said, "You and I...we don't read those books."

There were a few different reactions - Chris didn't offer any opinion regarding Twilight but suggested I definitely check out the new HBO show True Blood, and thanks to him now I have another freakin' show I've been sucked (ha) into. I kid, I kid, Chris. I dig it, thank you. And Jamie would like to read them together and start our own "internetz book club" - obvs, I'm a nerd, and this idea is fantastic if it doesn't remind me of homework. Jiscilla is also quite interested because she just found out Paramore is doing some music for the film version's soundtrack, and because she dug my last book recommendation, The Time Traveler's Wife.

Then, it all came down to a comment I received this morning from dear friend, Katie Brown: "ps- you can add 'katie brought me twilight for my birthday... now i can see what the hype is all about.' in about 72 hours."

Therefore, thank you friends for chiming in: I am reading the first book of Twilight. Thank you especially to KB for actually making it possible. And, I will obviously be recounting my thoughts here, maybe forming a book club, and most likely adding another fictional character to my list of Dreamy Fictional Characters (which includes Mr. Darcy, Logan Echolls, etc.) And I will go see the movie. BUT! The promos make it look like a lame new CW show, like One Tree Hill meets Smallville, just sayin'...okay, I'll stop my stream-of-consciousness opining now and get to the book!


  1. Okay, I'm going to buy this effin' book tomorrow.

    I'm down for internetz book club if you are!

  2. i just bought this yesterday after the flood of "i cant freaking put this book down" throughout the blog world. if all goes the same for me, i'll be finished with it by the end of the weekend. please keep me posted on how you like it!

  3. btw, i am irrationally terrified of vampires.
    no. joke.

  4. hoorah!!! now you will know the love of edward cullen, and we can fawn over him together, just as we do mr. darcy. good decision. and if you do a book club--i am mega in.

  5. Hey that dude on the poster is Cedric Diggory from the Harry Potter movies! Cedric Diggory Rules!

    ...and after outing myself as an even bigger nerd, I'm done.

  6. I caved in and started reading these books two weeks into July. By the time the last book came out at the beginning of August, I was done with them all. That's how awesomely nerdy it makes people. :)

  7. I wanna see true blood as well.

    I been hearing about twilight, I been thinking about getting it as well.
    How do you like it so far??

  8. 1) I am totally inviting myself into your (for now fictional) bookclub. But we can pretend you asked, and I said "Sure!"

    2) What season Logan Echolls? I mean I hate to be crude, but he was kind of a pussy in season three.

    3) That poster looks dumb.

  9. Glad you decided to give them a whack. And yes you will definitely add Edward to your list of dreamy fictional characters!

  10. Just think of it as my way of helping you become even more of a TV junkie. I try my best.

  11. It will take over your life. You'll carry it with you and start talking about Edward Cullen like he's a real person.

  12. jamie - i'm totes down for an internet book club. we should conduct it like "crappy hour" on we read a section of the book, and then IM about it, then post it. ha.

    ang - wow, terrified?? craziness! I've always found them so sexy. i get my book on sunday, so we'll see then!

    lindsay - haha oh daaaarcy. i srsly don't think anybody can compete with him, though. i'll let you know about the book club!

    el adam - hahaha you make me smile. and i care not about harry potter. i'm too late on that one.

    jen - ha, sounds amazing. and i'm already, uh, desperately nerdy, so it can't effect me that much more, right? RIGHT?! ;)

    chele - i start reading on sunday! i'll keep the blog posted! try to see true blood, it's insane and addicting.

    sean - a) okay, okay. you're willing to read this? haha b) logan a pussy in season 3? "i'm in ur jailz beating up ur rapists"? hm. but he was obvs best with veronica. "we're epic..." c) see what i mean about cw? (also, just realized you wrote that in 1,2,3 not a,b,c - OH WELL.)

    kristen - if i don't like it, i'm holding you personally responsible. jk!

    chris - there are too many people like you in my life. literally, i can't keep up.

    ginny - that's what happened to all my friends! they turned into twilight zombies! i can't, simply can't, let that happen to me. oh dear...

  13. yeah yeah, he beat some people up. whatever. one time in was piz, and that wasnt cool.

    but seriously most of that season he 'talking realllll low and sad like, and/or crying' but then again if I been dating Veronica MArs and f'd that up I would probably be a big pussy about most stuff too.

    sadly, i think this is actually the second time we've had this argument.

  14. lol Totally interested to hear what you think!

  15. I'm in. I'll pick up the book tomorrow.

    Email me and we will work out the deets!

  16. the sookie stackhouse series (the books true blood is based on) are set about 20 miles from my hometown in AR, and the author actually lives in Magnolia, which is the nearest city to our tiny town of emerson, and where i went to college. random, yeah.

    i think eventually i'll get around to reading the twilight series...lemme know how you like it. :)

  17. jamie - emailing post haste!

    amanda jo - interesting. oh i will be blogging my reading adventures. :)

  18. I found you through my good friend Kyla's blog and your blog is awesome. Thus my lurking begins. *Waves* :)

  19. hi emily jane! welcome to the blog, and thanks!! :)