Friday, September 26, 2008

And gets me into my favourite mood.

If it weren't for the downpour outside, I'd be jauntily skipping out of work today come 5 o'clock. Wait, scratch that. I'll probably still do it, G. Kelly style, because it's the WEEKEND.

What ever am I doing?

Tonight I'm packing up, watching the debates, and going to Jonah's 45th birthday party. I am jazzed for the debates, because it seems like such a finally moment, and I want to hear some actual discourse between the two candidates. But, let's be honest, the real reason I'm excited is because I bought Erica, Jesse, and myself minz American flags a few weeks ago for this exact purpose - so we could sit on the couch and wave them when a good point is made during the debate and say "here, here." We kind of get into it at our apartment; we don't believe in half-assing anything. Even debate-watching.

TOMORROW! Erica, Gaby, and I are heading to Providence, RI! We're meeting up with Jesse and MCS, and my family! I'm so excited! The afternoon will be spent with my parents, bro Travio, and my aunt, uncle, cousin, fianz and friends eating up a birthday meal, and then the Motion City Soundtrack show @ Lupo's, then birthday partying! YEAH. I KNOW. STOKED.

On Sunday, the actual day of my birth twenty-five years ago, I'm heading with Jesse on his bus to New Haven for another show and hangs with Katie Brown & Lauren & continue the general theme of the weekend of YAY! FUN! MY FRIENDS RULE!

And of course, I'm super super super super super super super stoked about hanging with the Fianz. :)


  1. Fellow Libran??? i'm next saturday, we rock!!! hope you have a good one!

  2. sounds like an awesome weekend!! have a happy birthday!!

  3. paula - YAY LIBRAS!!!

    sarah - thanks! :) twas amazing.