Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting bigger and sleeker.

Keanu and I last night!

Okay, this blog isn't going to turn into kitten central, but I decided to work from home today (along with Erica) and Jiscilla was here and took some great pictures of the kittens! I had to share. Of course.

Eko has come out of her shell and is quite the cuddler, just like Keanu. She just took a little longer. They love all the toys and are quite rambunctious. Keanu pooped on the carpet last night, but Eko surprised us by walking straight to the litter box and taking care of business. Trained! Woo! They're also eating pretty well and I think it's a good sign, considering how I've heard that cats that move to new places sometimes don't eat for a few days (this happened a lot with my cat growing up).

I videochatted with Jesse last night and he got to see the kittens play around and have fun. He's so bummed that he hasn't been here since we got them, but he arrives tomorrow morning for his own bonding time with them! I can't even begin to explain how excited he is to have kittens, too.

They make me incredibly happy!

Keanu loves to strike a pose.

Both kittens are fans of the Bowflex!

I love, love, love Keanu's stripes and swirls!

Eko hanging on my lap!

Eko is usually a diva, but Jiscilla caught her in a goofy moment.

Keanu stalking.


  1. sooooooooo adorable. me steal??? congrats on adopting these two precious babies! it all works out in the end, doesn't it?

  2. They're so cute!! I love Keanus markings!

  3. Ok. That's it. I'm getting a kitten. Thanks for convincing me. I'm so serious. Haha.

  4. Keanu's markings are adorable!

    I love the one of Eko sitting on your lap. She looks so content.

  5. I really want to say something mean, but these kittens are really cute. Don't get too used to it.

  6. So adorable!!! I wish I wasn't allergic to cats... :-(

  7. These pictures made me want a kitten SO much more! Congrats on the new addition to your apartment. =]

  8. Yeah, there is no way this blog ISN'T turning into kitten central... though they are adorable.

  9. I wouldn't mind if Eko and Keanu become recurring blog features. MOAR PLZ!

  10. Oh my goddd, they are abo-freaking-lutely adorable. I am in NYC next month, I almost want to come and spoil them with treats and toys.

  11. lindsay - yes, it does all work out!!

    kristen - me too!

    renee - hahahaha! yay! YAY!

    jamie - they seem to be very happy cats, which makes me happy too!

    rialeilani - yesssss! yay!

    jonah - i won't. just don't cry when you meet them.

    to live and love - aw! i think i might be a cat lady even if i was allergic...ha.

    aileen - i know! okay, now you have to visit the apt even more.

    emily - thanks!!

    rick - thanks, dude. but it will not dwindle into kittenville, promise. and yes, mr. eko is a, i'm going to write a blog about their names. HA.

    jessica - oh man, kitteh fee-churr! (fee-purrr? haahaha)

    mich - you don't understand how much jesse has already spoiled them! hahaha come visit them!!

    sabrina - thanks, girl!

  12. SOOOOO cute!!

    Seriously, they're going to get bigger and sleeker if you keep letting them on that bowflex!

  13. I think the interents are going to die from cuteness!!!! Adorable!