Thursday, October 16, 2008

Naming the kittens.

[OMGZ I KNOW KITTENZ AGAIN! But, honestly, getting kittens is like having babies (right?) so it's kind of a big deal. Back to regular scheduled programming later.]

There are two entities to thank for the naming of Eko Robot & Keanu Robot: The Casey and Mom Show, and Ryan Adams' Blog.

The Casey and Mom Show (TCAMS) decided months ago that were two kittens to be purchased, they should be named Mr. Eko and Keanu. Because TCAMS tends to take place on the couch, I can probably pinpoint the moments we decided. Obviously, Mr. Eko is a character on Lost. Pronounced "Echo" but spelled "Eko," which us girls at TCAMS love, of course. I think the name happened in the midst of a repeat viewing and we started naming off "possible kitten names" -

Juliette Buttface, Black Cloud Monster, Hot Jack, Hot Sawyer, Polar Bear, Creepy Kid, Big Prayer Stick, Desmond Best Chesthair, Poor Charlie, Mr. Eko, Brainmelting Future Kate with Baby ---wait, wait! Go back! Before Kate! That's the one!

And then, yes, Mr. Eko ended up being a girl, so she is simply Eko. Or The Lady Eko. Because when we take her out to restaurants we ABSOLUTELY LOVE saying, "And the Lady will have..." Makes SO much sense!

I think we all know where the name Keanu came from. I mean, it probably light-bulbed when we were watching another amazing never-gets-old viewing of The Lake House. And of course, The Replacements on TBS, or Parenthood (classic style) or, (bite your knuckles here) a Day the Earth Stood Still trailer. Also, real Keanu might have something to say about kitten Keanu soon...

Yes, we realize these names have sci-fi, time-warping connotations in some ways. But that's where we found the kittens - we snatched them out of a wormhole leading to another time and dimension, duh. And, clearly, they've gotten too big to go back, as Eko bravely tried to today:

Now for their quasi- last name, "Robot." Ryan Adams has a blog, though it got semi-deleted, and only lives on in the name of his band, The Cardinals. In an amazing series of posts, Mr. Adams wrote about his cat "Daryl Hannah Robot." I CRACKED UP immediately upon hearing that name, deducing it be quite brilliant in naming schemes. However, he then posted a picture of his cat (after describing it sans pictures for a few posts) and it was an actual cat robot. There is only one archive I could find referring to his cat -

"now i get to sleep with two imaginary women AND a robotic cat. my cat is truly a fucking robot. ask anybody. meet me at the BMX track behind Bill Bristlemeyer’s furniture repair shop at high noon and we’ll have a jump contest.

woah. i am excited."

That is why Ryan Adams' blog was amazing. (Jonah, shut up.)

And that is how Eko Robot & Keanu Robot came to be.


  1. Do you remember The Watcher? I hadn't thought about that movie in ages but I saw the trailer for it when I put in a DVD the other night. Keanu as a villain... AMAZING.

  2. Haaaa... the cat in the cup! I really don't think I've ever seen anything cuter. Ever.

  3. jessica - the watcher!!! hahaha! holy crap, just watch keanu in ANYTHING is hilarious, as villian even better!!

    sandy - eko is pretty adorable!! jesse sent me that pic during work yesterday, i was SO cuted out!!!

  4. wormholes, hahahahaha. oh that silly space time continuum!

  5. sean - they are sooooo silly! the cats and wormholes.