Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's magick.

I read a lot a lot a lot of blogs all day. I have a Google Reader. It's quite an addiction, and so finding awesome sites to read just feeds (ha) into it. I just wanted to share six of those blogs today, for which I have created a perfectly corollary award badge:

I'm going to try to do this every month, since I read SO many, and a lot of them deserve some love because they keep me entertained in my work day's bored moments! I tend to plug a lot of my friends in just about all of my posts, so these are some more rad friends I might not mention all the time.

And now, I present our featured guests...

Oh! How Lovely!

Jamie lives and thrives in Chicago. She almost doesn't need this award cause she's already a featured blogger on the Twenty-Somethings site and she's all like, 'Hm, I want to interview a quasi-celeb...' and she DOES. Like me, she also digs sweet bands and makes recommendz, went to Lollapalooza, and you might remember our Twilight Geek Out.

Loud & Proud

Ang (Angilio) is totes into writing about anything and everything going on, and I always find myself giggling at her posts. Another Chicago blogger, she tends to share about her social outings with pictures as well! Also, I may be great at finding randomness on the internet, but Ang always finds more! Her links, quite frankly, ocassionally best my Google Reader. And like me, she has a similar disdain for large packs of children in public places like gyms!

Kyla Bea

I just recently started following Kyla Bea, and was sucked in by the facts that she: was engaged (now married!), super crafty in ways that make me jealous of her nimble hands and creativity, her husband's name is Jesse (whattup?!), and, um, she's DARLING. Her wedding pics are adorable and you have to check out her video post which FAR surpasses my pallid entry. Obvs.

Surviving Myself

Chris - where do I begin with Chris? One of the only male bloggers I read, Chris is positively Seinfeldian in his entries, always top-notch and branded with rich satire. He will probably make fun of me for this. He makes fun of everything. Except for AC Slater. I especially enjoy his posts regarding living in New York, because we both despise the same annoyances of a daily commute: other people. Oh, and this was one of my favourite entries - it made me laugh in the middle of my work day.

& That's the Way Life Goes

Maria lets her readers into her world intimately, and sometimes she's totally random - but completely awesome! (Some of her incredibly honest entries are password-protected, but it's a quick email to gain it!) Also, she could totally kick my ass.

Coffee__girl (Dance to the Radio)

I most recently discovered Liz because she's a total music lover, too. Our tastes are similar (nobody's the same!) but I absolutely dig her sardonic humor, her Friday playlists, her regular guest blogger Billy Fondly, and we're both on the same side of the World Series, as she's a newly-bonefied Phillies fan! Oh, and one of my favourite parts of her blog is that most of her post titles are music lyrics I recognize, and I get so excited that sometimes I leave comments just saying "I love that band!" because I'm lame but super stoked on small things. I do this, too, but she usually continues the lyric into the first part of her entry - Liz, I like this.

So those are my faves! There are more, of course, and Keanu and I will try to commend the others each month! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


  1. Your blog = definitely one of my faves (no, not using that for future special feature suck up.) I would add some of these to my google reader but I am so overwhelmed (working through 307 posts right now), but maybe I can squeeze them in later...

  2. This might be the BEST award I have ever got. For serious!

    Thank you! You are awesome. I hope you are preparing yourself for the movie and our even more geekier geekout that will follow!

  3. LOL Jessica, you're awesome - thank you so much!! =D

    And there is nothing pallid about kittens playing. I'm excited to check out your other favs, a couple are new to me. Thanks!

  4. Very cute award - I'm impressed with your design! :)

  5. yaaayy youre awesome! im glad you like my blog :)

  6. Ahhh, just like you, I spend way too much time reading and adding blogs to my Google Reader (including yours. I'm finally coming out! ha) Thank you so much for posting these blogs. I always love new reading material. :)

  7. aw thanks! that totally made my monday! i feel so loved :)

    PS great design!

  8. awwww thanks dear! you are clearly one of my faves as well. cant wait to add that award to my page :)

  9. emily - thanks, lady! also, 307 is so low for me! i'm grateful if i have below +1000! HA

    jamie - omg so prepped for the movie!

    kyla bea - you're welcome, lady! your video post was amazingness. i was totally captivated. :)

    paula - thanks! you are surely deserving, too! just saying :)

    liz - i'm just glad your blog exists!

    angela - welcome, welcome! glad to find a new one to add, too!

    rialeilani - WOOT! glad you do! your blog rocks!

    ang - keanu is stoked, too! :)