Friday, October 24, 2008

Turn the radio up loud and get down.

A little Friday fun: Keanu hanging out on the napping Jesse's booty. I had to take that picture, and now I have to post it. They both rested that way for quite a while last week...

For a Friday, I've got a bit going on, but I wanted to pause and share this. The Empty Cages Collective (where we adopted Keanu & Eko!) is having a Kitten & Cat Adoption event in Brooklyn tomorrow. If anyone out there is thinking about adopting, get yourself there tomorrow! I mean, after all the pictures I've shown you of Keanu and Eko, what's stopping you from helping out these homeless felines? Also, this flyer lists "kitten dancing" and I'd say I'm a little intrigued, myself!

I should have something up here later, too, when I have some time at home - check it out tonight or this weekend if you have a chance. Last night Jesse surprised me with reservations at an Italian restaurant in Manhattan, and then we went to see Religulous at the Angelika. My burgeoning fakey crush on Jason Segel made for a sidetrip to Best Buy on the way home to pick up Forgetting Sarah Marshall and then Jesse and I settled into the couch to watch the DVD, as Keanu curled up on my chest and Eko slept peacefully by in her claimed-for-herself kitty cubby. Like a little fam!


  1. That picture is HILARIOUS! Love taking unsuspecting pics of the guy. What did you think of Religulous?

  2. My dog that recently passed this summer use to sleep like that on me all the time. She was funny.

  3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is hilarious!! Love me some Jason Segel. AND omg the kitty is SO CUTE there. You should make a LOLcat of it :)

  4. Aww, what an adorable picture.
    Seeing all these kitten pictures makes me want a kitty.

  5. I really want a cat right now expecially a little kitty and that picture makes me want to go out and adopt one!

  6. emily - religulous was good and unsurprisingly, highly controversial. i liked it a lot; but it's kind of sad how all we can do is laugh at things that are actually truly sad. and the end was a bit unnerving, and could be offensive, especially as someone who is catholic (like me). but, all in all, i loved it.

    jamie - aw, sorry to hear about your doggie! but lol @ animals and butts.

    kristen - jason segel <3 lolcats are in the works! i think?! so much!

    toni-marie - yeah, they can make you want more and more kittens!

    dooder city - hi! welcome to the blog! go out and get a kitten! they make me so happy!

    ang - yup! all precious!