Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And I'd always win.

I'm bringing you kitten pictures. Because they are effin' adorable! They are constantly cute-ing me out, and it's getting a wee bit hard to take. They are both enthusiastic cuddlers of my lap, chest, and even shoulders - though their positions constantly crack me up. I wonder how they are comfortable sometimes, with their backs in a full 360 degree angle, and occasionally Eko sleeps half off my lap, half on. Eko keeps more to herself, but comes out to play and sleep, but Keanu is the truly curious one. Sometimes he just walks up right next to my feet and looks up like, "Whatchu doin now?" And, yes, sometimes I squeal and pick him up and start a cuddlefest right there when he looks at me like that. Like I said, CUTED OUT. They are also both spazzes, which is normal for kittens, as they chase each other around the place and jump at sudden noises. When they play, they play - and when they get tired, they zonk out! Here are some snaps from Jesse's iPhone the past few days!

I took this picture last night after looking in their little cubby and Keanu opened his eyes but then passed out again after ten seconds. I think Eko was a little perturbed by how much room he was taking up!


In other news, last night the Patriots beat the Broncos! Jesse and I tried valiantly to adorn the kittens with their Patriots scarves, but they were having none of it! Tyler, Jim, Sean, and Adam joined us for the fun times and Erica even made wings!

Tonight I'm seeing one of my favourite live bands, The Photo Atlas, at the Charleston. I don't think there's ever been a CMJ I've participated in without a Photo Atlas show; they're quite amazing to dance to. I'll be hitting up Trainwreck as well, which has more free booze and live performances. Jesse is heading to see his buds in The Bronx for their 1AM show, but it's a "school night" for me, so I will probably call it an early night!

Also, I got my hands on the new Ryan Adams & The Cardinals album, Cardinology through somewhat top-secret methods (it comes out next week), and it's brilliant. I'm obsessed. Possibly more obsessed than last year's RA solo (but still with the same band as "backing") effort, Easy, Tiger. I know! That's saying a lot! But so far, I've had "Magick" stuck in my head all day, and though I love the album, it makes me a little more depressed to know that I won't be seeing the band on Halloween this year (like I did last year!) due to super-fast ticket sales! I'm still holding out hope on my connections though - we'll see!

Oh, and apparently, as a twenty-something blogger, I'm to create a video to post tomorrow. HAHAHA! Fools! You can't trick me like that! Everyone knows my most embarassing moments tend to be caught on film, so having me make a video of myself is an inevitable death knell to my pride! HAHA!

Okay, maybe I'll still do it.


  1. they are so damn precious - i want one!!!

  2. Your kitties are so so precious! I never thought I'd be so obsessed with my dog, so I certainly understand how you feel about Eko and Keanu!

  3. Those pictures! I'm dying. Seriously. I really need a kitten now - even though my HUGE cat still keeps me laughing in all the little places he trys to fit. Way cuted out.

  4. Holy moly, your kittens are so cute. I think I need to forget about my allergy and adopt one or two myself!

    Also, your blog is seriously rocking my socks, Jessica

  5. This is the first I've heard of the Ryan Adams/Cardinals album. I'm excited!

    I love RA! I saw him live last year and it was easily in my top five best shows ever.

  6. aw they look like they are best friends! so cute the way they curl up together :)

  7. Mmk I'm coming over to play with the kittens and listen to music. Sound good? :)

  8. ohhhh my god....the kittehs....SO adorbs!!!

    Sidenote: natalie just got a kitten, and it FETCHS! I this eko and keanu need to learn.

  9. I agree they are really cute. But something about cats freaks me out.

  10. Oh my gaawwwwwd they are just toooo cute. ahhhhh it so much fun. I have two cats to that I had for ten years and it so much fun to see them interact and bond. these pics are just melting me. I just want to play with them

  11. I can see Eko and Keanu ending up on a Trainwreck flyer. Too cute not to show the world.

  12. paula - i know, right?!

    sonya ina - i was obsessed with them before they existed! ha.

    kristen - i love all cats! i totally can't wait for them to get big, too. i have a feeling eko will always try to crawl in small spaces.

    disaster - welcome to the blog, and thank you! yes, the kittens are so cute that you can forget about your allergies around them. kinda. ;)

    mermanda - RA is a love of my life! his albums have been #1 in my life for years now, and his shows continually amaze me. the new album is LEGIT. SO. GOOD. i'll remind you again next tuesday!

    rialeilani - they are best friends when they sleep, sworn enemies when they play and chase eachother around! ha.

    sandy - OKAY! totes.

    christy - they already know how to, obvs. jk jk jk. but pooping in the litter box is a good enough deal for me. :)

    jess - yeah, there's so much spooky folklore associated with cats since the beginning of time. i love them, though!

    chele - come to ny and play with them! :)

    jessica - what a brilliant idea! i'll be sure the dagger, who designs most of the flyers, hears of this! ;)

  13. They are adorable!!


  14. more kitten pics!!!

    I'm excited about the Cardinals album so I'm glad to hear you like it.

  15. amber - yeah they are!!

    ginny - get on facebook's ilike - they have it streaming for 48 hrs starting today! SO GOOD! :)