Wednesday, October 22, 2008

There's no need for everyone to stare.

Okay, no video - YET. I can't even see videos at work on my computer (grrr blockage), so I have to check out the other video posts after work. I'll be sure to post one before deadline tonight. Isn't video so weird? I've definitely seen video of people I've only read online and been like, "Hm, I thought she'd have a squeakier voice," or "Man, he's just as awkward as his writing." What you'll probably figure out from the video of me: I talk with my hands, I'm super awks, and I'm a baritone. Just kidding about that last one. MAYBE. Tune in later.

I couldn't very well narcissistically record myself last night, because I was out having a grand time. Jesse, Erica, and I went to see The Photo Atlas at the Charleston - it was particularly small, as the venue is much like somebody's parent's basement. The band is consistently awesome, though, and Erica and I have been front row at all their New York shows, I'm not kidding. I was a little embarassed when Jesse introduced me to them (they toured together earlier this year), as I was thinking: "crap, please don't recognize me as the flailing dancer at all of your New York shows for the past three years..." Thankfully, they're either not incredibly observant or I'm much like an elusive chameleon (slash, who cares?).


Jesse and I then met up with our dear friend Kristy at Union Pool, who is in town for a couple of days. We went to her wedding in Santa Barbara last year (it was spectacular) and hung out earlier this summer, so we spent some time catching up and had some good newlywed conversation. Then the three of us headed into Manhattan to Crif Dogs, a tasty hot dog place on St. Marks, before heading to Trainwreck. Trainwreck proved to be just as fun a night as it usually is, though there was a different crowd there for the live rap performances. Gaby, Perry, and Jesse headed out to the late Bronx show, while Kristy and I called it a night. I ran into Lauren Ashley on the subway ride home, and she reminded me that Halloween is next week. EEP.

In other news, Sean got me this totally nerdy book for my birthday that I'm starting to read, and I've become quite engrossed in it. It's been a long time since I've read a book word by word, instead of my usual fast skimming - I enjoy having to pay attention. More about that, including its title, later.

Tonight? Video. Maybe catch up on some television. Kitten hangs.


  1. Fun! I got the email about the Vlog too from 20sb. I don't even think I know how to make a video. I have an iChat camera but can I use it to make videos too? Or shall I just use my digi cam. Man I feel like my mom asking ridiculous computer questions.

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  3. el adam - SO good.

    kristen - you can video in photobooth on macs, which is what i plan to do, and then upload it to vimeo or something? we'll see! do it do it do it!

  4. eep! I got the 20 Something email too. Maybe we do together? We can give a tour of awkward town...

  5. I just finished Twilight last night (in 2 days and I actually really enjoyed it) and this morning, I started The Time Traveler's Wife. Really getting into that too.

    Did you ever read The Road? I lost my copy. Fortunately for me, the movie has been pushes back giving me more time to read.

  6. cant wait for your post dear :)

  7. dagger - didn't even know you were in the community! sneaky! but, sadly, i already has a plan for the video i'm gonna do after work!

    jessica - TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE = AMAZING. I need to re-read it but Jesse has misplaced my copy :( I need to buy The Road! Hear so many good things!

    Ang - I can't wait to see yours! I'm obviously holding out on my 20sb friends' posts today until i get home and have video capabilities! :)

  8. Dude, way to bail on the Bronx. Are you gonna hang out this week or are you planning on going to bed at 10 p.m. every night? Me, I'm thinking of getting dressed in the next few hours in case you were wondering...

  9. Jonah - I didn't "bail" on the Bronx - it was sold out and my connections were fraught. Yeah, I'll hang out this week. As long as you're not around. OH SNAP! Friday night = games night at 410. Do it.