Monday, October 20, 2008

My Top Artists this Week (Oct 13 - Oct 19)

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I can't believe it's Monday again. I can't believe it's October 20th! 2008! Where am I? Just kidding. Kind of. So, I pretty much listened to Against Me! all last week due to their incredible show I told you about. And the usual standby favourites of She & Him and Dragonette were there as well.

Oh - and look! It's Monty's Fan Club! So, last week there was one day that I was on my way to work, and I was tired and kind of bummed out for some reason (me being bummed out is usually a fleeting feeling, so I don't even remember why), and I was listening to the This American Life podcast when they segued a story with Warren G's "Regulate." This song immediately conjures the sounds of a Monty's Fan Club live show because they used to use the same clip to intro into their song "Handy With the Steel." And sometimes it only takes a little ska and memories of VFW hall shows to pick up my day. Of course, Monty's Fan Club became Monty, and then finally Monty Are I. They just officially announced that they're recording in LA with producer Matt Squire (Thrice, Panic! at the Disco), and I couldn't be happier for them - I'm sure the album will rock.

This week is CMJ in New York, so I may or may not be seeing a lot of shows - I'm basically going where my little music event planner Erica the Dagger takes me. I do know that I might see The Bronx, Butch Walker, The Photo Atlas, Minus the Bear, and The Hard Lessons! All of which are exciting prospects. And if I can't catch the shows, there will be afterparties. Oh, the parties.

And finally, don't forget to vote for Motion City Soundtrack for the Woodies' Best Video!!! Vote often!


Wait, wait, wait. I didn't tell you about my weekend! Okay, there's not much to tell besides lots of kitten hangs, Fianz cuddles, and sports-watching. The Red Sox just couldn't make it this year, sadly enough, and I'm so sick of those Tampa Bay cowbells that I'm just going to go ahead and root for a National League team, the Phillies, in the World Series. Tonight is the Patriots football game versus the Denver Broncos. And by the way, we definitely plan on suiting up the kittens with their very own Patriots neck bandanas. Oh yes, there will be pictures.


  1. Ahahaha, I do the same with my dog. He's a big Randy Moss fan.

  2. Love Monty's Fan Club! I have a wicked vintage shirt :)
    And I know you know my stance - but GO PHILLIES!

  3. kristen - oh, i have all the wicked vintage shirts ;) yeah monty's!