Monday, October 13, 2008

My Top Artists this Week (Oct 6 - Oct 12)

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It would seem that I didn't listen to very much last week - but I did. I listened to The Matches pretty much on repeat, along with a solid day of Tegan & Sara (post live show, obvs).

It's amazing how live shows can get me so amped on a band. This weekend I saw Against Me! for the second time live (Warped doesn't count), and I was blown away again. Okay - okay - okay, let me backtrack about this weekend...

On Friday evening, after a long day at work and dismal news, I came home to find Jesse working on our now glorious living room, and so I helped with the trash and cleaning and whatnot. We reveled in the new comforts when Erica got home and invited friends over for poker and general hangs. Adam, Tyler, Sean, Gaby, Kells, and Jim made it for the fun! The night went far later than I thought - you know how digital microwaves sometimes just stay at a certain "time" when you pop the door early? Well, I thought it was 1:10 AM for about three hours. When people started leaving and I was looking at the microwave, I was like, "Weird, why is everyone leaving so early? Though I suppose I am tired..." When I went up to bed it was 4:15 AM. Oops.

On Saturday, Erica, Jesse and I went a huntin'. More on that, later. This week. (Positively!)

That night, Jesse and I went to Webster Hall to see Ted Leo & Against Me! We met up with Jonah and Steven; Steven is a bonefied cat expert, and gave us a lot of info and facts between sets, ha. Jonah sat idly by talking about his womanizing, per usual. Anyway, Ted Leo was pretty fantastic - I've never seen them live. But Against Me! blew them away. Seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY - if you haven't heard Against Me!, check out their last album, New Wave. It kicks ass. I believe you can stream some of their stuff here.

Okay, besides their songs being rad, their live shows are such great examples of fist-pumping, everybody-yelling-along unity that I wanted to jump from the balcony into the swaying crowd below - and I've never crowdsurfed. I know a lot of people use this word about live shows, but there was so much energy in that place! They even sang one of my favourite cuts from New Wave, a song entitled "Borne on the FM Waves" - which is a duet with none other than Tegan from Tegan & Sara. Of course, Tegan wasn't there, but that didn't mean they didn't sing it. Funny enough, Jesse disappeared during the set for a few minutes and came back with a t-shirt for me: the one created for that very duet song (there's a shirt for each song on New Wave). I simultaneously sang, danced, and pumped my fist during the whole set, and during the last song, the audience started climbing onto the stage and all singing. It was a great hurrah, a winning ending to a fun show. Everybody was smiling by the end of their show - and that, in this world of musical snobbery, is a hard thing to achieve.

Okay, I think I'm done going on and on about Against Me! But, even just thinking about all that fun and that show fills me with excitement again! (nerdout)

After the show, I think we surprised our friends with our extreme dorkiness by saying we were going to head home to watch the rest of the Red Sox playoff game. Good choice at the time, epic fail of a game.

Yesterday I managed to relax most of the day, and enjoy the couch. However, me falling asleep (contacts in) in the extra innings of the Sox game the night before has left one of my eyes all red and it hurts. BAH! It continues to pain me. Last night the pain was only exacerbated by the tragically depressing Patriots game. I don't wish to talk about it!

And today, I'm at work on Columbus Day, when hardly anybody else in the city has to work, and I fear my eye is going to jump out of my head at any moment. Tonight I was going to Roseland Ballroom to see Rise Against/Alkaline Trio/Thrice/Gaslight Anthem (woah lineup, right??), but I think I might enjoy tonight better with some eyedrops and a bunch of tv from last week I need to catch up on! I heart you, DVR.


  1. against me is gonna be in the d this weekend, but i already have plans. you make it sound so good though i may try to sneak off to their show if i can get tix. and i will definitely be rocking to 'new wave' on the way home.

  2. Thrice=my all time favorite band. They are fantastic live if you have never seen them.

  3. i'm very jealous of the number of shows you go to!

    um...awesome lineup. i lovee thrice and the gaslight anthem and especially alkaline trio!

  4. There's TWO available tickets for the Chicago Against Me! show. I was iffy, and you totally just pushed me over the edge. Definitely buying those tonight

  5. sarah - you gotta! also, don't bring a purse or anything extra, because you will wanna mosh. i almost did. haha

    jessica - yeah, thrice is awesome! steve is a huge fan, so i went to several shows back in the day!

    liz - SUCH a lineup. craziness! it's a good thing i know people with the amount of shows i go to...mostly i get guestlisted/VIP. which is why i was in the freakin' balcony for against me! - that's where the vip listers went. but i just wanted to mosh! ha.

    sandy - DO IT! you won't regret the amazingness of the show if you LOVE their albums!