Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Must be what's best for me.

So much to discuss.

FIRST: TODAY DRAGONETTE'S ALBUM GALORE IS RELEASED DIGITALLY! Remember how I told you how awesome Martina is as a frontwoman? How rockin' their live shows are? How I may or may not dance around to this album every morning and every night in front of my mirror???

From I Surrender's MySpace:

The wait is now over, and the day is finally here GALORE is available for download in the U.S.! Head on over to iTunes, Amazon, etc. to get your copy today!

The release date for the physical copy of GALORE (October 28th) is so close already, you can almost touch it. If you prefer a physical copy of the album, we have a fun pre-order up at the I Surrender merch store that comes with a free Dragonette t-shirt.

So buy it now, of course!

SECOND! WE ADOPTED KITTEHS! They are arriving tonight at 7PM. On Saturday, Jesse, Erica and I got in touch with Brooklyn's Empty Cages Collective and applied for two kittens. The representative was extremely nice, and really just wanted to know that we were going to give the kittens a good home - which, of course, we are! He seemed much more interested in this issue than judging us (the last rep did not like Jesse's tattoos enough to look him in the face when she spoke). Today we found out that we got approved and I'm SO EXCITED! (Obvs, stay tuned for pictures later!)

THIRD! And most exciting - CHRISTY IS IN TOWN TONIGHT! As you may remember, my bestie (& Curbside member) Christy left us desolate here in Manhattan a few months ago when she moved to Austin, Texas...nary a glance back in our sadness. JK. Christy is here and I'm meeting up with her straight after work! I was going to go to tonight's always-amazing Trainwreck (free booze, awesome jams - what's not to like??), but since the glorious roommate Erica actually has to DJ that (she's way cooler than me) and Jesse has to fly down to Florida tonight to play a Motion City Soundtrack show with Lupe Fiasco (okay, Fianz is way cooler than me, too), I am kitten lady for the animals' first evening at home. Which makes sense, given my ever-accumulating amounts of non-coolness. But at least I get to catch up with Christy before her and the girls hit up the party - if you're in New York, you'll wanna be there tonight!

And finally, I finished Twilight last night. Reactions to come soon. And kitteh pictures.


  1. yay for new additions to the fam and friends in town! also, i just purchased the third twilight book. i iz addicted.

  2. whoa kittens, can i go with you after work? haha. after jesse showed me a pic of one, i kinda fell in kitty love.

  3. Have you named the kittens yet? Or do you have to get to know them first?

  4. we're naming our next kitten Martina...

  5. i presume (knowing that you're smart like that) the correct punctuation was used in the word "animals'", and therefore there is more than one fuzzy thing spending their first night at your house.

    two kittens ??
    names NOW.

    i suggest fenster. del toro ruled in that movie.

  6. ang - damn, the third already? i'm done with the first. gotta see if i'm gonna read the second. sometimes it takes me a while to make a freakin' decision. i'm a libra.

    adam - they can't wait to meet you!

    tightening the corset - we've had names for a while! :)

    erica - hahahaha

    erin - yes! two! fenster is a GREAT NAME! little badass kitten. ;)