Sunday, October 12, 2008

Apartment 410 Presents !

Are you ready for a most amazing transformation?! If anybody's not in the know, the facts are these... Jesse, Erica, and I live in a loft apartment in Brooklyn. It's an on-going work-in-progress. It was originally a giant 16-foot-ceiling'd room with no walls except for the bathroom. Last year, Erica and I hired a contractor to build us out a second floor with two bedrooms. We try to maintain the apartment to lovely aesthetics, but we only have so much money. Which is why the outside walls of our second floor still aren't painted. And why we had to go a while without a real couch and utilize a small futon with a mattress on top of it for seating in our living room.

On Thursday, Jesse and I purchased: A REAL COUCH. And a rug! On Friday we completed the assembling and moving and discarding, etc., etc., etc. And now....drumroll please...we have a real living room!


Such utter squalor! How could we live like this! Notice the lack of back support! (Also, I found that red diner-y couch in the garage, and it looks awesome but it is very, very uncomfortable.)


Yes! A blue AND orange couch! We were going to get all blue, but Ikea only had one blue cover left, so we took it and Jesse purchased the orange cover in a moment of unforeseen brilliance. We also got a grey shag rug, some black couch pillows, and Erica got a tall lamp!

It seats six people, comfortably. We always have friends (and stray cats) over, so we want as much seating as we can get!

For all this fun we're having, I'll show you the rest of the apartment, too.

This photo quite demonstrates our tall ceilings. We plan on eventually painting that back window wall one color. On the right is Jesse's new Bowflex. HAHAHA. Also, on the left, the top comes off of that table and is a poker table - hells yes! And obviously those two bookshelf units full of DVDs is the reason we spend so much time on the couch...

Oh, and I suppose it's also because of the awesome 52 inch HDTV, whatever...

The other half of our apartment - you can see where we need to paint the outer walls of our rooms. More improvements are on the way! We have about eight million posters we need to frame (if it weren't so damn expensive...), some paint jobs, some more storage unit construction. But, like I said, work-in-progress!

PS I obviously write to you from the couch right now. The blue side, just sayin'.


  1. Wow your apartment is amazing!?! How did you ever find such a big space in NYC-area? I like it alot!

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  3. Oh, and I covet your flatscreen!

  4. seriously ??? i kinda love the blue/orange thing.... aside from the fact it's oilers colours, it's super wicked...

    the place looks amazing !!!


  5. I love it! I need to come for a visit I think.

  6. ahh, i love what you've done w/ the place! it looks so different from when i was over oh so long ago.

    ps on your kitty situation - try or i have former roomies who both got animals from there and they have really helpful, kind staff.

  7. Oh you KNOW I'll be sittin on the orange side...wooot woot. Looks amazing! I love it...can't wait to see it when I visit this week.

    Also, these pictures somehow do not show the HUGENESS of your apt.

  8. Your couch reminds me of old timey 3-D glasses...

    Props for Encore as that game is amazing

    And Pee-Wee + Chairy... Love it

  9. This is such a sick apartment. And you have great taste. And and I love it!

  10. I would have never thought that color combo would work but it looks great! I've always wanted to live in a loft

  11. i LOVE your apartment!!!! I'd sit on the blue side too ;)

  12. your apt is awesome.

    Love the couch!

  13. Love the couches -- Hooray for Ikea!

    My husband and I are currently using a futon as our sofa, and I'm getting so sick of it, AH! Lucky!

  14. I will not miss the futon, and look forward to sleeping on the new couch. Oh, and using Jesse's Bowflex.

  15. very cool! that second floor is genius.

  16. emily - sheer luck and perseverance! for sure! :) you'll have to visit next time you're in NY!

    erin - thanks, lady!!!

    aileen - you DO! dude, you've never been, am I right?!

    mich - yes, you must come visit, again!! and uh, was the agency we tried with the worst possible representative ever. i assume other adoption reps are much better, if somebody can't crack a smile or dismisses us upon first looking at an arm full of tattoos - well, that's bullshit. it still infuriates me!! but thanks!

    jiscilla - yay! can't wait for visits!

    rick - that couch adn color combo reminds us of a lot of things...also: sparks, republican/democrats, DR. MARIO! yay! glad you approve.

    nicole antoinette - thanks a bunch, lady! :)

    ginny - thanks! it's fun times in the loft!

    rialeilani - the blue side obvs more sedate than the red side. depends on your mood, i guess! :)

    amber - thanks!!

    sonya ina - futon as sofa never quite works - as we just tested for the past year. ikea is always the best to start looking !

    jason - our new couch awaits your next visit!

    sarah - hells yeah, one dude thought of it and built it in one week. i'm still amazed.