Sunday, October 12, 2008

The stars at night aren't as big and bright...

I've said it before, but, I talk with my hands a lot. The new Motion City Soundtrack video for "Fell in Love Without You" is finally out - remember when I posted about that great day? And Adam's great pictures? Well, here it is! And that's me talking to Tony about something. I can hardly remember what.

There was another version of the video with a downpour at the end, which was also good. The day was so bright and sunny that they ended up buying a rain machine. I'm not sure why it was taken out, but I can say that Justin and his hair during the rain shots were more hilarious than romantic.

Do please enjoy the video below!


  1. Cool Jess! I have to admit although I've been reading your blog for 4ever, I've never much listened to MCS (nothing against them, I haven't listened to the radio in an amazing two and a half years)... but that's a great video and song, and a great cameo! Was that your fianz on the piano? It didn't look like him?

  2. ahh i love the video! and i like the acoustic version of that song so much better.

  3. meik! - yay!

    emily - that was NOT the fianz on the piano, but Matt, the bass player. get into them! yeah!

    liz - the acoustic version is pretty stellar!

  4. i just noticed this but i'm glad we screenshoted almost the exact same moment in the video for interwebz purposes!