Friday, October 10, 2008

Maybe you never were mine.

Okay, so all that cryptic stuff was about these two kittens we applied to adopt on Wednesday, and got interviewed and everything, but apparently there was already another application in and today we got a big fat DENIED. Why wouldn't they tell us there was another application?? It's a bum out. Also, the agency's representative was incredibly strange and nitpicky about our previous experience with cats. REALLY???

I've just been wanting one since my kitty Mindy died a few years ago. I'd had her since I was six! And Jesse was so adorable and got all this awesome cat stuff and built a shelf and read up on all these cat facts and whatnot. But, whatever, I guess we'll just go through another pet-rescue agency.

Segue, segue, segue...non.

I had a non-painful dentist appointment this morning - I'm a great brusher, and no cavities! But I don't think they even checked for them with that poking instrument where they test the softness for potential cavities (uh, I've had like 15 cavities and had braces for five years, I know what dentists typically do). The x-ray machine also broke or something, which I guess hindered them from seeing any cavities, and why I suppose they didn't even attempt to find any. What's with dentists in this city?

I fear a rash of drama work-wise in the upcoming weeks which will only mean work will pile up for me and I'll be stressed out. Yay.

The good news is that last night Jesse and I purchased a couch! The bad news is that Ikea only had a cover for half the couch, and when Jesse went back today after calling to make sure it was available this morning, it wasn't and he had to get a different color. One couch, two different colors. They coordinate sure, but c'mon! I did take a "before" picture, so tonight I'll get an "after" picture.

Also, tonight we're entertaining with some games and poker. I hope it lifts my mood, because for the first time in a long time, I'm extremely irritable.

I know this post has a whole lot of negativo. I try hard not to be, but... Vent post concluded, and I'd rather not wallow in this (I hate that crap), so comments are closed.