Saturday, December 20, 2008

And they're in!

My 10th Grade Homecoming dress in all its glory! :D

Jiscilla posted her pics! Check them out!


  1. I love that first picture, it is so angel like with the beams of light from the Christmas halo on the wall, the sparkles around is magical. your like a disney cartoon

  2. That is a totally perfect red carpet pose you are rocking in the first photo. Side note: I WISH my 10th grade winter ball (homecoming wasn't formal) dress still fit me. It was electric blue, cut like yours but fell to my ankles 50s-style and had hot pink tulle underneath. It was A-mazing. And a size four :P

  3. you look good in red my dear :)
    party looked like an awesomely festive night.

  4. Really cute dress!!!! And the green flower is amazing! Was that always on it? A red one would be super cute with my holiday dress.

  5. Ahh such a cute dress! I can't believe it is from 10th grade.

  6. so cute! wish i had a fancy christmas party to go to. guess i'll just have to take matters into my own hands next year.

  7. You look stunning. I just found my way here, and I'm glad that I did.

  8. i can't believe your homecoming dress from 10th grade still fits. my homecoming dress from 10th grade doesn't even fit anymore. (ha, ha. but seriously)

    so sad i missed the festivities, but i'll be coming to brooklyn soon enough. can't wait to reunite!

    the little

  9. chele - disney cartoon! ha! totally what i was going for, kinda... :)

    amanda jo - thanks!

    to live and love - yeah, totes victoria's secret style circa 1999!

    emily - haha, that's what i was going for. also, a little bit julia allison, but WHATEVER. blue with hot pink tulle?! SOUNDS FUCKING AMAZING!! maybe you should make your bridesmaids wear hot pink tulle under their dresses...just sayin' ;)

    ang - why thank you!!

    kristen - the flower is a clip-on/hair accessory (it's double-purposed!) and I was originally going to wear it in my hair, but it was far too big. ha. i got it that mornign in the city, actually, for like 7 bucks!

    liz - right? CRAZY.

    sarah - always take matters into your own hands! that's the reason we have so many thematic parties, haha...

    errant - welcome to the blog! thank you!

    LAUREN - I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!! :D xoxoxoxoxo

  10. Wow! You look great! Nice to see you had timeless style in high school, eh? :D

  11. holy crap you are cute.

    ps- just fbook friended you... so don't be freaked out when you see random girl added you, k??

  12. mermanda - yeah, timeless victoria's secret style! haha :)

    beth - YAY! fbook friends!! AWESOME!

  13. love the pics. they look like they should be in a magazine. :)