Tuesday, December 30, 2008

'Cause I'm under construction, everyone!

I got distracted today. I was going to write a whole long recap of my holiday weekend...but then, I remembered that site Polyvore and decided to make a nice little "If I had a lot of money" New Year's Eve outfit -

What do you think?! It's my first Polyvore thing ever. Yes, I would totally wear a crown on New Year's Eve. Inspired by Gwen on the cover of Blender years ago -

Maybe I can just have the yellow dress?! And the plaid belt I placed with it?? Sometimes I wish my wardrobe was just all fun, fluffy dresses. But I love my jeans too much.

Tonight Jesse and his dudes are going to the WWE Smackdown thing or whatever (out of hilarity and FREE-ness), and CHRISTY AND JISCILLA ARE IN TOWN! That means it's girl's night, Curbside-style with my ladies. There will probably be pizza, ice cream, teen flicks, swooning, dancing, gossip, and a lot of squealing. YAY!


  1. Love the outfit, every girl should wear a crown at least once!

  2. Is it weird that I would kind of rather watch teen flicks and eat pizza at your apartment than go to Jersey to watch wrestling? Don't tell Jesse.

  3. you could totally pull off that outfit on new years eve! go for it! buy the yellow dress and plaid belt :)

  4. i love the yellow dress! i've been wanting one forever, because for some odd reason, yellow really compliments my skin tone, but i've never really found one i just LOVE.