Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Top Albums of 2008.

Here we are again! Today is the last day of 2008. And therefore, I must tell you my top albums of the year.

There is always a disclaimer before such lists, because of how haughty some people get regarding one's own opinion. Just remember that I haven't had a chance to listen to every release of 2008 (i.e., Fleet Foxes), which may be because I don't have lots of cashish and it's not my job to listen to music all the time. These are my personal favorites of 2008, and I wouldn't expect anybody else's list to look exactly the same - the beauty of differing opinions. What are your top ten releases of this year?

01 She and Him, Volume One
Without a doubt, my most-listened-to album of the year. I really don't have anything bad to say about the album; it's getting a lot of recognition, and I think that leads some to think it's overrated. I think it's lovely - nostalgic, fun, and sometimes emotional. Favourite. (Amazon mp3)

02 Empires, Howl
I downloaded it on a whim, and loved it immediately. Some might dismiss the album because there are so many different kinds/genres of songs, but I think it works just great together. There’s definitely some 90s alt influence, a Beatles-esque song, some lovely acoustic songs, and some real rock out songs. (STILL FREE HERE!)

03 Ryan Adams & the Cardinals, Cardinology
Everyone who loved Heartbreaker complains that Ryan Adams needs to “edit.” He writes too much! There’s ten mediocre songs for every good song! Well, the past two albums with the Cardinals have definitely demonstrated a restraint, and I think this group of songs come together for a great record. (Amazon mp3)

04 Santogold, S/T
Besides the fact that she’s good music, I like that it’s so hard to attach one specific genre to her sound. She’s more Tegan and Sara than M.I.A., and um, she used to be in a SKA band. therefore Santi White = AWESOME. (Amazon mp3)

05 Dragonette, Galore
Dragonette makes promiscuity sound fun and cheeky. They’re a bit Gwen Stefani, a bit Lily Allen. And Martina has just as much stage presence as either of them; she rocks. This album makes me dance and smile. (Amazon mp3)

06 Fall Out Boy, Folie a Deux
The songs take a few listens to get used to, but once I “got it,” I loved it. Patrick Stump sounds phenomenal, the lyrics aren't lacking, and there are a few fist-pumping moments - something I always relish in. (Amazon mp3)

07 The Gaslight Anthem, The '59 Sound
Amazing, amazing album. Snuck into my top ten late in the game, due to me only hearing this album a few weeks ago. I love Fallon’s vocals, along with the Springsteen feel of the album. Where Sam’s Town failed, The ‘59 Sound succeeds with style. (Amazon mp3)

08 Kings of Leon, Only by the Night
Undeniably good. I don't know anyone who hasn't heard this album; therefore you should get on it if you haven't. (Amazon mp3)

09 Panic at the Disco, Pretty. Odd.
So, a bunch of kids discover The Beatles and decide they want to make an album that sounds like that. It doesn’t quite achieve greatness, but it’s some fun music. I love this album even despite what I know about them and their crew as people. Trust me, that’s saying a lot. (Amazon mp3)

10 My Morning Jacket, Evil Urges
The music sets a mood from the onset. I liked listening to it in a calm mood, or when I needed to be calm or relax. That’s not to say it’s a slow album; everything else just goes away when I listen. (Amazon mp3)

Honorable Mentions:
Valencia, We All Need a Reason to Believe
MGMT, Oracular Spectacular
Tiger Lou, The Loyal
The Ting Tings, We Started Nothing
Vampire Weekend, S/T
Butch Walker, Sycamore Meadows

The Cab, Whisper War. I tried. I really tried. A bunch of my friends totally geek out guilty-pleasure style over this album and band, but I simply can't. I think it's awful. This is coming from someone who listens to the High School Musical soundtrack occasionally. Apologies.

Stoked for in 2009:
Lily Allen!
Monty Are I!
Dashboard Confessional!
and of course - Motion City Soundtrack!

Note: Adrian of No Doubt confirmed they'd be touring and writing in 2009, but an album probably wouldn't be ready until 2010. Patience!


  1. We only overlapped on two!!! Got the one that matters though ; )

  2. mgmt and the ting tings I agree are very honorable mentions.
    I need to get the ryan adams album

  3. I guessed Dragonette would be on there. It would be on mine too - thanks to you!!! :)

    As for other albums I've loved this year - I guess Gabriella Cilmi and Sam Sparro would be up there. But I can't think of any others for now . . .

  4. 3,4 and 8 are in my top list too!

    happy new year : )

  5. I haven't had the chance to really listen to She & Him but I have a feeling I'd like it.

    I completely for got Empires on my list! I really love that album!

    I'm curious about that Panic comment but I'm assuming its not good.

  6. She&Him, hell yes! Plus, Kings of Leon and Vampire Weekend.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Oh I love your list - Thanks for sharing! I'm not sure how I missed listening to My Morning Jacket completely, but I'm going to have to go change that immediately.

  8. I can't believe Gaslight are on your favorite album list. Maybe there is hope for you after all, Jessica X Maria.

  9. I adore your taste in music more than I can put into words. Love love love.

  10. YES to Gaslight, She and Him and FOB! I love the new FOB, but am one of those people who has a hard time admitting it after despising their last one. Thank goodness for nearly anonymous comments. :)

    I would add The Hold Steady to my list. I am just getting into Kings of Leon and I think I love Empires. Just a little behind the times here!