Friday, December 12, 2008


Apparently The Day the Earth Stood Still opens today, so Vulture did a Complete Field Guide to the Facial Expressions of Keanu Reeves. Yeah. I would like to say I was sourced on this, but I wasn't. It's hilarious.

And yes, I just may be heading to the theatres this weekend...


  1. I wrote a five page fan letter to this man in the seventh grade, so much was I affected by his acting ability.

  2. when my roommate and I watched the preview for this movie, we BURST out laughing when it was revealed that Keanu was the alien. Because, really, how perfect is that. This link is hilarious, thank you for making my day with it.

  3. I am very very excited to see this movie - but I've even more excited to see the facial expression guide!

  4. Yeah I am looking forward to see the movie, but good Lord how funny was that slide show.
    Just the first one made me crack up so bad.
    My favorite Keanu movies, is the devils advocate and sweet november.
    Maybe he should play with Charlize theron more. I just love those two movies.

  5. I actually just got home from seeing the movie, and I will not spill any beans for you. I am ready to hear what you have to say, once you've seen it.

  6. this guide is the the most fabulous thing EVER.

    this is coming from a girl who has a life size cardboard cut out of keanu from speed in her basement.


  7. zan - his abilities are great, to be sure. :)

    bethis - i know! such amazing casting!

    kyla bea - i need to see it, too!

    chele - him and charlize, good job. though i'm more into keanu & sandra bullock - JUST SAYIN!

    emily - interesting. my dad says nay, and he loves blockbusters, so...eep!

    alexa - cutout?! amazing!!!