Thursday, December 4, 2008

I ain't freakin', I ain't fakin' this.

(Katie Brown, me, Gaby!)

Yay Trainwreck Winter Formal! Yay awkward! I had tons of fun! Each week I feel so proud of Erica (& Rob, whatevs) for putting together a smashing party. Those two really do work hard to provide a) jams b) drinks c) hilarity and d) the ocassional semi-famous guest star. I also call Perry their Partner in Crime - she supplies the hour-long open bar every Tuesday as part of her job.

And so, I had one gripe on Tuesday that had to do with the fact that some of the people there were total rudemeisters. In one instance, two girls were talking to each other in the VERY crowded bar and I politely said, "excuse me" as I tried making my way from the bar to my friends. She looked at me and rolled her eyes as I stood there with drinks and smiling. Then I said it louder and she moved about 2 centimeters. I said it a third time, and with no response I shoved past her and they began muttering under their breath. Now, honestly, who cares, right? It was like two seconds of my life, some people suck, and WHO CARES.

When I got to my friends, I was talking to Perry about the rude interchange and she said that her and Erica had just been handed the stink treatment from those same two. They were elbowing and pushing Erica and Perry repeatedly. When Erica and Perry moved, they even had the gall to walk up to them and say, "Are you talking shit about us?" Erica and Perry obviously were a bit shocked, because they acutally weren't talking about the girls. They just said no and turned away.

Here's what I would have said if I had been standing there.

"Oh, hi. Do you realize just how pathetically rude you're being and to whom? This is Erica, she's Rob Hitt's right hand gal and co-chair of this here party. In fact, she's up to DJ next. The reason Brendan Urie is here and why, I'm guessing, you are, is because of her and Rob. And that drink you have in your hand? Yeah, that was provided to you by my friend here, Perry. She's here every week, as well, making fun happen. So, sorry Brendan is most assuredly going home with that peroxide blond tonight, but at least you have these two girls here making sure your night is full of music and booze - for free."

GAR! I hate rude people! Especially when my lovely friends get the brunt of it. Manners, people, c'mon. Everybody's just trying to have fun and you're stankin' (skankin'?) up the place!

Okay, I feel better now. Back to the regularly-scheduled festivities.

Do not cross my friends.


Meik! took the two pics above and this one here of Jesse and Sean talking...or something.

Mike & I! You can see the sequin-age!

And now in color!, I don't look that awkward. Just a little squinty.

Oh, wait, there it is. AWKWARD TOWN.

I mean, I believe I said, "let's take an awks prom picture!"
I just didn't think we'd be so accurate in my direction.
Stiff arms (check!), weird hand positions (check!), messed up hair (check!), hints of an ill-fitting dress (check!), wan facial expressions (check!) and mysterious shadows (check!)
Done and DONE.


  1. Sweet Jesus, that last awkward prom picture is PRICELESS. The look on Jesse's face is to die for. Love it!

  2. That is hilarious. Jesse looks so stiff.. Perfect.

    Your dress is fabulous, by the way!

  3. Everyone looks so great! I'm so sad I missed the winter formal, I left two days too early :(

  4. so awkwarddddd!!! I love it. If I move to NY I am coming to all of these events and I will NOT shove you. In fact, I will graciously let you pass and tell you have nice hair instead.

  5. Ahh that picture really is out of a winter formal! That FTW! And I hate snooty bitches. You and your gals look lovely!


    Hahhahhahaha I love you, Parker!

  7. wait where is your corsage? heehee

  8. ahhh i love the awk prom pic! i also love your dress! especially the color.

  9. i hate being sick, i wanted to go to this, but i've been sick all week. i haven't even taken my new tv out of it's box yet... what a world.

  10. and she moved about 2 centimeters

    heyheyHEY !!! that shit is METRIC. you are not authorized to use such terminology without proper (read: non-american) schooling... :P

    the awkward prom photo will be a delight to your future children (if you have any)...

  11. renee - i know, right? it's so ridic.

    amber - thanks!

    aileen - i'm sad i missed you too! next time, next time! we should plan next year's trainwreck prom around your tour sched...

    bethis - woo! come to new york! just to compliment my hair... ;)

    kristen - thanks!!

    christy - I LOVE YOU CHRISTY! And i can't wait to see you oh so soon :)

    alexa - he totes forgot it, LAME.

    liz - thanks, lady!

    adam - you were missed! feel better!

    erin - i prefer centimeters to inches - cause i hate fractions. and everything else is pretty A-merican ;) and our kids won't read blogs until they're at least 38, i've decided.

  12. haha, that picture is totally priceless. but your dress is cute! and ya'll look adorable, as usual.

    stupid people will always be stupid. i wouldn't have been so nice...i would have "tripped" with a nice, full, colorful, sticky drink in my hand. but that's just me.

  13. Oh man, couldn't your friends have just chucked them out??? Sounds like they were total trouble makers and so rude!!! What IS it with some people???

  14. i love the color of that dress, even if it didn't fit just right it still looked good :) yep definitely a perfect awkward prom pic hehe