Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Top Artists of the Week (Dec 15 - Dec 21)

(via my last.fm)

Last week I did a lot of listening to Fall Out Boy, because I obviously love that album, and listened to a few of my tops of 2008. My list will be ready after I get back from Massachusetts. Remember last year's? Anyways, like every year, I can't listen to every album or see every movie (seriously, my "Must See" movie list has about twenty films). In retrospect, my #1 movie of 2007 would have been There Will Be Blood, but it didn't hit wide release until January 2008, so I wasn't able to see it in time for my year-end list. The same will probably happen this year. Stay tuned!

Sad news to report.

After a full week of listening to the new All-American Rejects album, I have to divulge in my disappointment. I'd rather keep this short - because it's not a ranting and raving sort of disappointment. It simply doesn't click with me, and that's sad coming from a band who always did. And, to be sure, their new songs are awesome live. Better than on the album. There's just no oomph to the production and where their first album's pop charmed me, and their last album was a basic hit parade of epic proportions, this album just falls flat.

I will say - while you won't see When the World Comes Down on my Best of 2008 albums, it definitely won't be on my Worst. I'm hoping this all changes as I continue to listen to it. Sometimes albums come around after a few listens, a few years. Sometimes they don't.

In the end, as a band, they're still tops for me.

Has anybody else heard the album? What do you think?


  1. re: AAR ---i will do what i always do with albums i'm über-excited about:

    1. i won't get it for another four months.

    2. i'll listen to it once through and hate it

    3. i'll discard it for another two or three months

    4. i'll pick it up again and listen to it nonstop for six months

    5. i'll be in love with it forever

    i think that's what i've done with every album in my top ten, aside from kent hagnesta hill (which i loved from the first chord and still can't get enough of).


  2. [i accidentally linked to the swedish version and can't find a good link to the english version.... meh.] x

  3. im so disappointed you don't love the AAR album. i have yet to buy it (not sure what i've been waiting for) but now i'm not nearly excited.

    but i like their single?! are any of the others that catchy?