Thursday, December 18, 2008

Roll through your fingers [last night].

From: Jessica
To: Jiscilla, Erica, Kelly, Christy
Subject: Re: The 10 Curbmandments
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 20:14:50 -0500

I'm at a bar with jesse and his friends on 33rd. they're all seeing ryan adams (and oasis) tonight at msg :( jealous!

But I'm a freakin' square here! What with my white button up, dress pants and cardigan?! Everyone's all got leather and tattoos and I just came from work.

Bahhhh kinda maybe on 2nd guiness.


Jesse and I walk out of the bar after saying bye to everyone.

Me: Why are we walking this way? Subway's the other way.
Jesse: We're going to Madison Square Garden. Don't you want to see Ryan Adams?


From: Jessica
To: Jiscilla, Erica, Kelly, Christy
Subject: Re: The 10 Curbmandments
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 20:22:23 -0500

Omg we leave the bar and jesse says he has tickets to see ryan adams for us! I'm in msg! Wtf?!?!


Cue "Come Pick Me Up" ... "Magick." Wonderful, amazing. [Both Ryan & the Fianz.]



  1. cute!! i love ryan adams... i hope you had fun!

  2. What a great surprise!! I loooooove Ryan Adams. I saw him perform in Pittsburgh last year. Great show!

  3. Yay for Ryan Adams surprises! I am surprising my husband with RA tickets for Christmas. Awesome he played Come Pick Me Up -- I saw him at least 10 times and never heard it and then finally he played it at the show I saw in October!

  4. I love the structure of this post! Hope the show was amazing!

  5. Awesome! I'm jealous. ;o)

  6. I really should have had this conversation with Jesse earlier this week:

    Jonah: "Dude, you're engaged."
    Jesse: "Yeah, I know."
    Jonah: "Well I mean you don't have to suffer through stuff like Ryan Adams anymore for Jessica, I mean you're getting married either way."
    Jesse: "Yeah, but I sort of like Ryan Adams."
    Jonah: "..."
    Jesse: "..."
    Jonah: "Want to scalp the tickets and spend the money on Texas Two-Steps at the Levee."
    Jesse: "Absolutely."


  7. I'm super jealous.

    Side note - I wore a white collared shirt and a red cardigan yesterday too.

  8. i'm not sure how it happened that you knew jesse was going to see ryan adams with his friends, but didn't think he'd have gotten you a ticket... ?

    it seems so painfully obvious that i'm surprised you were surprised... :P

  9. I have yet to see him live. That must have been a good show.

  10. please tell jesse that he's making all other boyfriends look bad. thanks.

  11. bethis - OH i had fun!

    mermanda - he's a great performer; recently he's been on of the best live vocalists i've heard.

    heder - yay! and this was the first time i've heard him play "come pick me up" TOO! finally, finally, finally!

    kyla bea - thanks! it was.

    jen - i would be too, woman, i would be too :)

    jonah - damn you and the levee. whatever, where were you this weekend? oh right, in texas watchign battlestar galactica.

    liz - ahhhhahahaha! YES! business casual are we.

    keller - i'll let him know, hahaha.