Friday, January 23, 2009

I found the safest place to keep all our old mistakes.

I know everybody's faces were glued to their tv sets on Wednesday night watching LOST, but did anyone catch The Real World: Brooklyn? Because if you did, you would have seen The Dagger, aka my bestie and roommate Erica, teaching cast member Baya how to play the jams at AK! And she looked totally rad doing it.

There were a lot of posts back from last summer/early autumn that alluded to tv cameras and whatnot, and it was all regarding the RW. The cast came by AK nearly every (Trainwreck) Tuesday because of Baya's weekly gig with regular DJs Rob Hitt and Erica. And the trio are still together at AK every Tuesday!

I think this season is good so far - in most of the recent seasons I can't even stand to watch five minutes of the show because it tends to involve a lot of immaturity, wrecklessness, and thoughtless decisions which isn't necessarily what I like to see as "representative" of people in their 20s (like, say, me). I saw a lot of cast members using the Real World as a jumping off point to their "entertainment careers" (where are they now?). I stopped watching, I think, during RW: Las Vegas. That and every cast since seemed completely and utterly worthless. This season is back to being interesting - I am interested in how these eight people are trying to figure themselves out as individuals. I'm interested in their group dynamics, which are much more friendly than in the past, thought there still remains tension. I'm interested in how they manage to find jobs (though, let's be honest, the last episode was quite a set-up). These are all interesting people in their own way, and I don't believe any of them are as worthless as previous castmembers of the past six or seven seasons.

And c'mon, you KNOW you want to know what's up with Chet -

(via a hilarious RW post at fourfour)

To be sure - Chet is a really nice dude; I was at AK one night and he started talking to me, but I didn't know he was a Real World-er until there was a tv camera in my face. He legitimately "made a pass" at me (do people even say "make a pass" anymore?) and I showed him my ring and smiled awkwardly, because, yeah, I had made some assumptions, too. Perhaps Chet serves as a lesson in not making assumptions - no matter what you see.

I know some people are totally not down with this season (LIZ!), but what about you?


  1. I am very glad you used the term 'made a pass.' It should be brought back.

    Also, you know how I feel about this already. I would be very excited if you were on The Real World...even if just for a brief second.

  2. OH. EM. JEE. i knew it The Dagger!!! i'm so glad you confirmed i thought i might be crazy. amazing! my boyfriend went to high school with that kid scott haha... the world gets smaller every dayyy.

  3. I am liking this season of the Real World. I haven't seen this week's episode yet. It's been recorded though.

  4. i caught one episode and i think i'd watch it again. this season looks like there will be less yelling/drunken/drama that has taken over the show for the past 10 years.

  5. Haven't watched Wednesday's ep. yet, but 100% in agreement about the past seasons of fail. I stopped watching after the first episode of Las Vegas. Worst. But when MTV released the bios for this season I was hopeful, and so far so good.

  6. Ack, that is awesome! I happen to really like this season so far as well. :)

  7. I agree this season is much more like how it use to be.

    I hope we get to see you getting hit on by Chet on tv ha.

  8. unfortunately i kinda suck at catchin it on wednesday nights when the new ones air but i try to catch the reruns any time they're on. from what i've seen this season does look infinitely better than the preceeding ones. i love the dynamic between all of the different cast members and the unique stories that each of them bring to the show.

    as for chet, well, he's a character. lol

    and that's pretty rad that your old roommate was on the show!!! hope you had a great weekend!! :]


  9. I think I have something against this season because I almost got knocked out by their camera on halloween...

  10. Liz - I'll be sure to blog about every appearance of my friends I during the RW this season. Even if it's just my bicep in the corner of a shot.

    Caitlin - the older we get, the smaller the world gets for sure! Especially with ye olde Internet(e).

    Amber - watch!

    Alissa - Yes, Las Vegas was the beginning of THE END.

    Jen - Woo!

    Ginny - if that moment makes it, it will be one of the most awkward-filled ones of the season as I point out my fiance in the corner of the bar as well. Ha.

    Emily - it is pretty rad! Thanks for reading!

    El Adam - HAHAHAHA EPIC.