Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You've always been the latest thing to be.

Every year I try to see all the Oscar-bait out there so that I'm well-informed when watching the Academy Awards. I still have so many to see! Such as: Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Frost/Nixon, Man on Wire, Frozen River, Doubt, Revolutionary Road, The Wrestler, The Reader, I've Loved You So Long, Happy Go Lucky. And I'm halfway through Changeling.

I don't know how I haven't seen either Kate Winslet movie, as she's one of my favourites. However, I've been kind of avoiding Revolutionary Road due to how depressing I know it will be regarding relationships, and in turn, marriage. But I'm still interested in seeing Sam Mendes' direction. And The Reader looked only okay - the preview did nothing to entice me. She's been racking up the awards, though, so I'll have to check them out pre-Oscar night. I think she probably deserves those awards, too, given how great she tends to be.

And so what did I think of the other contenders that I have seen? In order of best to least-best:

Wall-E (I'm really hoping the Academy recognizes its brilliance.)
Slumdog Millionaire
The Dark Knight
Iron Man (um, it has to be nominated for something, right?)
Gran Torino
Rachel Getting Married
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (I'm finding in retrospect I may not have liked it as much as I though I did...and I love Fincher.)

And I'm hoping RDJ gets nominated for Tropic Thunder, though I think it's a safe bet that Heath Ledger's name will be called. Don't even kid with me about Tom Cruise getting nominated for it (Golden Globe fail). I've always felt that the Academy awards drama too much - comedy is so much harder to get right. RDJ! RDJ! IRON MAN OR TROPIC THUNDER! RDJ! RDJ!

Guilty pleasure style: I'm totally a dork about this, but I really did love Australia. It's being termed a "bomb," but I like Baz Luhrmann's weirdness. Also, Hugh Jackman. I still abhor Nicole Kidman. I think she just needs the right director - the only works I like of hers are by like Baz and Gus Van Sant (To Die For). Feel free to mock my Australia love; I can't help myself with sweeping epics. (Also, I'm still bitter about Moulin Rouge getting nominated for Best Film and Baz Luhrmann not getting nominated for Best Director - if anything, that was a director's movie.)

Looks like I have a lot of watching to do! What are your favourites? What do you hope gets nominated or even wins? The nominations are being broadcast tomorrow morning, and I'm not envisioning any surprises - but one can hope!

PS LOST is on tonight. Remember this.


  1. I feel the same way about Benjamin Button. I didn't love it as much as I thought I would but I can't deny my love for Fincher.
    Also, I saw Revolutionary Road and I definitely wouldn't recommend it. As lovely as Kate is and as an amazing actor as Leo is - it was a letdown. I know a ton of people that really liked it - but it lacked a plot to pull you in - you pretty much know the whole movie from the preview.
    When people ask me if they should see it I say "Do you want to sit for two hours of screaming?" because that's what it was. And the ending was just lame.
    My favorites from this Oscar season are Milk and Slumdog by far. I really need to see Gran Torino!
    And yes yes yes Lost tonight!!!

  2. Of the ones you have left to see.... I have seen Doubt (eh -- but amazing scene between Streep and Hoffman at the end) and Frost/Nixon (excellent, but I'm always down for a good journo movie -- and no, I'm not looking at you Russell Crowe). I really want to see Revolutionary Road, The Wrestler and The Reader, and probably could pass on the rest. I have to see Milk!!!

    PS -- LOSTTTTTTTTT!!! I hear this season is Sawyer-centric. Yum.

  3. Yes! Looooooved Slumdog. I have been a huge Danny Boyle fan for a LONG time so it's nice to see him getting recognition. I also think Dev Patel is going to be a huge star. Those young kids were INCREDIBLE, especially considering they were actual slum kids with no previous acting experience.

  4. Frost/Nixon is really good. I had no intention of seeing it but we borrowed the screener and the magazine I was going to read while it was on is still unread. It was a total surprise. I highly recommend it.

    The Wrestler was really good, too.

  5. you know what I'm looking forward to seeing?
    "he's just not that into you"
    i loved the book, and the movie looks cute.

  6. with your guestlist girls, and their listless pleas. ;]

    hoorah matches!

    i am DYING to see vicky cristina barcelona. saw the wrestler with justin, and it was gooood. not anything out of the ordinary, but the ordinary-ness (is that a word?) is brilliant. very good. and i really want to see rachel getting married. hardcore.

  7. you will love vicky christina barcelona, i think, well i did. I enjoyed that movie so much. changeling i also liked so much but it left me so emotionally disturbed in the end

  8. I saw a familiar face on the MTV last night!

  9. I feel the same way about Australia! I feel like it was an epic movie, and that I got my money's worth when I went to see it in theaters. I felt like I was seeing 3 movies for the price of one. Hahah. I also feel the same about Nicole Kidman. I hate her in everything, but this and Moulin Rouge. It was like pulling teeth to get one of my friends to go see this with me, but when it was over he thanked me for making him go. :)

  10. So the OSCAR noms are out! I will have a much more in-depth analysis at some point after I catch more of the nominated movies!

    Kristen - I didn't think I would like Milk as much as I did, and I didn't think I would not like Ben Button as much as I felt "eh" about it. I still want to see Revolutionary Road, but it's nearly shut out of the Oscars! Hardly a nomination except for supporting actor! That surprised me! And I guess The Reader just trumped it.

    Emily - I'm interested in seeing Doubt because all four of the actors were nominated. Granted, Hoffman and Streep are basically shoe-ins at this point in their careers, but I'm still interested. And I want to see Frost/Nixon so badly, and until this weekend, it was only playing at a W 72nd Street theater which is basically impossible to want to go to, haha. But now it's playing in Union Square so I'll be seeing it probably on Sunday! You DEF have to see Milk; suprisingly great. Don't read up on anything before the movie, I had no idea what was going on, and it's truly an amazing story.

    Mich - I love Danny Boyle, too! So great. Had no idea how great until I saw it!

    Anonymous - oooh, nice job with the screener. I will definitely be checking out both of those movies STAT!

    Beth - I'm not going to lie, it's not up for any awards, but I've already scheduled a girl-date for that movie :)

    Lindsay - I have Vicky Cristina Barcelona on my computer waiting to be watched! And I hear The Wrestler is good, and Mickey Rourke is great. We'll see!

    Jess - YAY WALL-E FANS!

    Chele - talk about TRAGIC. Yeesh, I felt like Changeling was a leeeetle melodramatic.

    Brittany - YEAH YOU DID!

    Alexa - I know! Everyone who I went with liked it. What's not to like? Okay, okay, the herding scenes were a little long, but whatever. I loved it! Thanks for backing me up!