Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am looking for the crest of a new wave.

You know how sometimes you just need to feel inspired? Or re-inspired? Well, January's been a month full of plans and details infesting my brain. (I may have also used that wording because I've been reading a lot of post-apocalyptic and/or zombie-ridden novels.) The point is, I'm back with this, my 801st post, and because this morning I woke up to what felt like a new dawn. I said, Jesse, new president! Today! And we high-fived. I'm not kidding. You may attribute it to early-morning grogginess, but no, we definitely high-fived.

Today I'm feeling quite inspired. Inspired enough to write, and share.

Yesterday, in keeping with the theme, Jesse and I rearranged our room. It's a change we mediated, and I can't tell you how much better it feels. I'll try to post pictures of it when we're done cleaning. I even reorganized the books by color. YEAH.

I am somebody that tends to welcome change, and I can't believe I've been in New York for two and a half years and still love it. But, I moved here because I always said that it seems like the only city that will keep me entertained. Always something going on, always something new. I know my disposition won't always keep me here in New York, but for now, I'm love that I'm still enjoying it. Even in the hibernation of the winter months.

I've seen some great movies lately in Milk and Gran Torino. I can't tell you how much reports of Sean Penn's off-screen behavior turns me off, but he's brilliant in character. And I think Milk is his best work. And Clint Eastwood's directorial work, always mired in tragedy, still provokes genuine emotion from me. I think I should start a little Clint Eastwood section of my dvd library...

And what else? I'm doing well on my reading! I highly recommend World War Z: The Oral History of the Zombie War. The plot might seem very sci-fi and dorky, but it's actually pretty scary in terms of gruesomeness and realistic human reactions. I found myself thinking about where I would be in the chaos and how I would react. I'm now reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road, another book taking place after a global disaster. I love it so far.

Today is the inauguration, and my office is allowing live streaming video for the day! Yay!


  1. My books are organized by color too.

    Yay for a new president!

  2. I knew you'd like World War Z! PS -- These are one of those days I'm glad I work from home!!

  3. Today is a great day! And very appropriate lyric. :)

  4. Yay for reorganization. I'm working on my closet today, and it seems to clear my head with each thing that I organize. Feels good!
    (and, glad you're back, and seem so content with it all!)

  5. Haha, I love your zombie obsession. I will have to check out those books!

    And can I just say... SO excited to see you in NY!!! Who knows, maybe will discover that it's the only city that can amuse me too...

  6. Your back, I been wondering where you been lately. I been contemplating organizing books by color as well, but doesnt it get very confusing? I have em by category now

  7. I've been craving change lately too. Change that will lead to stability though, which is a new one for me.

  8. Found this post on a Google Alert for zombies - I run a site that collects zombie stories, if you're interested: http://www.talesofworldwarz.com/

  9. amber - it's so fun!

    emily - you were right!

    brittany - glad you caught the lyric :)

    melissa - i need my whole room and closet to be organized immediately! it's such a daunting task, though.

    bethis - NEW YORK! NEW YORK!

    chele - it doesn't get confusing if you've read them all. there's no reason for me to be searching for a book i've already read - and my room library isn't very big at all, haha. so it wouldn't be that long of a search.

    nicole antoinette - yes, change that leads to stability is always good. i'm trying, trying, trying.

    ryan - oh man! awesome! i'm just starting to get into them - they're quite fun.

  10. totally going to read World War Z glad I saw this.