Monday, January 12, 2009

What's with today today.

Oh dear. So, I continue to laze about regarding this blog. I'll get back into the swing of things soon enough. Since I'm being so self-referential right now, I might as well mention that today in the blog world it is apparently "De-Lurking Day." I've seen it on several blogs and thought I'd pose it here -

I may have readers that don't leave comments, and therefore, I may not know who you are! Leave a comment today - maybe include where you're from, how you came to my blog, and if you have your own. I'm quite curious. :)

But if you don't want to, and would rather remain anonymous, you obviously don't have to. Because at the same time I'm like, who picks these days? Who was like January 12th - you shall be De-Lurking Day! My brain's all over the place these days, can you tell?

In other news, I'm thinking of redesigning the site. It's a typical blogger layout and I'm at that point where I need one with a little more pizazz. Scratch the pizazz. I just want something different - lighter and cleaner? Maybe it'll reinvigorate my writing here.

This weekend I played a lot of board games, did some wedding planning, went to Perry's Mad Men birthday party, watched football and cuddled with kittens. Oh, and books. I'm trying to read as much as possible! How was your weekend?


  1. I am obviously not delurking because I comment here frequently.

    I had a nice weekend. We went out and braved the 3 ft of snow and took some nice wintery pictures & then we had Ty's company Christmas party. Sunday I pretty much lounged around.

  2. Well you know I read anyway but screw it - I'm commenting anyway!

    I actually did not leave my flat all weekend. Sat online for HOURS, read about three books, drank tons of fizzy juice and watched tv. It was awesome!

  3. Amber - I love my lovely known readers, too! :) Sunday is the best for lounging!

    Paula - Yay, Paula! Wow, three books in one weekend! Sweet! Sounds like an amazing weekend.

  4. Consider me delurked.
    I worked all weekend, not so exciting.

  5. I know, I wish my lurkers would come out too. It's like, I know you're reading, I have google analytics (oops, spilled the beans...)

  6. I've been feeling the same about my blog layout. I see so many pretty ones and Im like Hmm I need one. Sounds like you had a great weekend!!! I want to go to another Mad Men party!

  7. i could say i'm delurking...butttt thats a lie. i'm always here :)
    i'm trying to read lots and lay low as well. i've just been feeling like i need to slow down and breathe. sometimes i have no ideas where weeks of my life even went.

  8. I've seen the De-Lurking thing on twitter but I didn't know that's what they meant by it. I found your blog through someone else's blogroll when I got link happy one day. :D

  9. Delurking.
    It's Alissa (mashatzipporah) from LJ. And you and I read about all of the same books. Game of Thrones is ridic (HBO greenlit the pilot, in case you didn't know). Ender's Game is my favorite.

  10. Come back. I miss you.
    But- you know, I understand life and all of that. Considering I post like, once a week. Whatevs, come back! Haha

  11. Hi my name is Jamie and I'm a lurker.

    Okay not really, but hi!

  12. Erin - Hi! I follow your blog back because I noticed you followed mine!

    Emily - hahahahaha

    Kristen - Mad Men parties are the best!

    Ang - exactly what I'm talking about!

    Sarai - Hi! Thanks for saying hello - looks like you're trying to read a lot of books this year too! :)

    Alissa - !!! It's been so long! Didn't know you read me here, awesome - I heard about Game of Thrones as a miniseries! I hope they get it's epic-ness right :)

    Alexa - hahaha HI!

    Melissa - aw! Even when you write once a week, I read! I'll try to get back into the swing of things, promise.

    Jamie - you girls crack me up. HI!

  13. I already de-lurked myself, but just have to say...favorite movie quote ever! :)

    I saw Reel Big Fish (with Streetlight Manifesto and Tip the Van) this weekend! Awesome as always!

  14. Brittany - that was an awesome e-mail! :) SKAAAAAAAAAAAAAA that's pretty sweet.

  15. Alright fine, fine. I'll de-lurk.

    I found your blog through my roomie, who I know you're quite familiar with (I'm her Shorty)

    I'm also friends with Brian (a friend YOU lurk), when I saw him on your blogroll I decided the world is too small and creepy! Or small and just the right amount of creepy to actually be cool. Because we real-life and virtually know some mutual peeps. Nuts, right?

  16. Caitlin - hey oh! Brian Southall?! That's incredible. He tour manages my fiancee's band, so we hang out whenever they go on tour! How do you know him?! (Also, it would seem you're super lucky to have an awesome roomie like Bethis!)

  17. I've commented here before but I thought I'd say Hi! in honour of de-lurking day

  18. Since it is de-lurking day. My name is Michael. I found your blog through Jonah Bayer[one of my favorite journalists, aside from Trevor Kelley and Leslie Simon] blog, which I also lurk.

    Aside from that, I've been reading a book on your list that I got for Christmas, "Never Let Me Go" by Kazuo Ishiguro. So far so good.

    I once met your fiancee Jesse out here in Los Angeles through a mutual friend [Robert H] at a bar once over margaritas years ago. Small world.

  19. I suppose I should say hello! I'm Blair, and I've been reading your blog for quite some time. I love your positive spin on everything-- you have so much enthusiasm! And that's the way I am too :) Keep on doing what you're doing!

  20. well I openly love your blog but I will comment anyways.

    My blog needs a facelift too. I like your design, but I can understand the need for a change.

  21. hello, i found your blog through john berard (friend/bandmate/etc) and check in from time to time. coincidentally, we will be playing this friday night at the annex. if nothing is going on, feel free to come down, have a drink, and enjoy some tunes. take care,

  22. I've posted before but here I am again. I am changing up all my stuff, and I am really loving the templates @ Simply Fabulous.


  23. Hillary - Hello Hillary with two L's! :) Thanks for dropping a comment!

    Michael - I'll be sure to let Jonah know he has a fan :) I'm excited to read "Never Let Me Go"! And, that's so weird that you've had drinks with Jesse. Ha.

    Blair - Thanks! I try to be positive, always. It get can tough sometimes.

    Bethis - Thanks, lady. I've just had this one for so long. Though all the free layouts I'm looking through are absolute crap. They're all...girly. Ick.

    Jeff - You're playing at the Annex?! Sweet! I had no idea - John didn't get in touch! Well, I already have plans for Friday - but next time you guys play tell John to text me or drop another comment! Thanks!

    Anne - Woo! Thanks for coming out of the woodwork.

    Dagger - If I find you in my room at night I will most likely kick you in the shins.

    Adriana - Those templates are cool! I'll have to look through them when I have time to change the layout! Woo!

  24. Amber (Forrest) WilesJanuary 14, 2009 at 10:08 AM

    Hello! I read your blog all the time...but haven't commented in months! So in honor of delurking...I'm still here!
    Wish I could be lazy all weekend long...we just moved into our house at Ft Benning so lots of unpacking inbetween hanging out with the best little boy ever ;)
    I love taking breaks in my life to read about yours...actually Josh and I listened to 2 books of the Twilight series while driving across country! I was interested after your many posts about the books! :) But the 2nd one was pretty painful...just wanted it to be over!
    Happy Wedding planning!

  25. Still here!

    You may be interested to know I bought Watchmen recently. Haven't started it yet though because I'm in the middle of 2 other books. Soonish. You'll know when I update my goodreads. :)

  26. Ha, "what's with today today?"

    One of my top favorites. Up there with "I don't feel that I need to explain my art to you, Warren."


  27. I swear to god that I didn't post that comment as "anonymous." Seriously.

  28. yes, Brian Southall! I know him because I know all the TREOS guys; i went to high school with Alex (vocals/guitar if you're not familiar) and we're still good friends. i was actually at the motion city show in providence recently but didn't know Brian was with them until after, bummer =(

    and yes, I am lucky to have Bethis as an ex-roomie (sad) and best friend (happy!) she's pretty amazing.

  29. 'I swear to god that I didn't post that comment as "anonymous." Seriously.'

    Ha-ha. You didn't Jonah. I did. Come to think of it. My friend[Robert]is next to you in your "Congratulations ASL&TK!" post.
    Seriously, though I'm fan of your work Jonah, and your blog Jessica.

  30. Amber - HULLO! You're back on this coast? Nice! Good luck with all the unpacking and the BABY :)

    Jessica - woot! I hope you love Watchmen! I do!

    Nicole Antoinette - So many great lines in that movie!

    Jonah - Thanks for driving traffic to my blog. I'll be sure to post more about you in the future. Also, UPDATE YOUR BLOG. Geez.

    Caitlin - I was at the Providence show TOO! Actually, on my birthday in September :) It was the rainiest night ever! And Brian is a great guy! If you check my archives from when I visited the dudes on tour every now and then, there's pics of B. Ha. So funny.

    Michael - Jonah just has to convince me every time somebody says they like him. Ha. But really, Jonah's awesome! Thanks, Michael!

  31. You already know I read your blog :] but my 2 cents on a blog redesign... move over to wordpress! It's SOOO much better, and much more customizable and pretty! Plus, you can transfer all your old posts over... it's what I did!