Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And it's brought me to my current agendum.

I am the proud new owner of an iPhone! This isn't a simple story, mind you. It's an epic tale of rigorous battles and unwavering patience. A tale of two years ago, when I bought my Sidekick 3, which was all the rage until the iPhone came out four months later (arg!). I believe my first post ever was about getting my Sidekick. Okay, perhaps it's not the most EPIC of stories, but I had to wait a long time to get out of my contract!

About a week after I bought my Sidekick, Jesse and I hung out for one of the first times, and he told me that he would bet me $100 that I'd break it within six months. Well, mister, it's been two whole years! I've not lost it nor had it repaired in any way.

I went into the Apple store yesterday on the exact day my t-mobile contract expired, ported my telephone number, and walked out with my shiny new toy! I've already got a few apps downloaded, but if anyone has more suggestions - please enlighten me in the comments!

And so a new era is born; the grainy and sometimes green-ness of the Sidekick photo is out, and the iPhone photo is IN! Not that I have one to share right now. BUT -this morning I was sitting at my desk trying to take a pic of me and my iPhone (my bestie, my requited love, etc.) when Keanu Robot jumped into my lap. The following picture is what ensued, starring my gigantic teeth, my iPhone, and Keanu looking like a disheveled, crotchety old man-cat.


  1. once again, welcome to the iphone party. i had never lost a phone in all my life till last week and it was OF COURSE my fancy effing iphone. they are not a fun thing to replace, but really, its not like you can go back.

    as for apps...
    facebook (duh)
    last call (tells you your BAC - kinda fun)
    showtimes (movies)
    google (way better than the standard safari that comes on there)
    midomi (you can sing to it or put it up to the radio and it tells your the artist or name of the song)
    urbanspoon (im sure youve seen the commercials
    checkplease (easy tipper)

    all i can think of for now, but let me know if you find any good ones. i'm still trying to get things back to normal after last week's loss...

  2. Bah! Jealous! I am doing the exact same thing, waiting til the contract expires, but that's not til November! I don't normally overly covet material possessions (I usually save that kind of desperation for food), but every time I see an iPhone my brain screams, "Me want!"

  3. yay for you!! welcome to the club!
    here's a list of the apps I use the most:

    mobile Fotos

  4. SO CUTE!! I want an iPhone really badly. I love Verizon too much. Wait no I don't. LOL Your kitty is so cute!

  5. He does look like a crotchety old man cat, I love him.

  6. Yay! You're an iPhone girl now!

    I have:

    Urban Spoon
    The Weather Channel
    Around Me
    Quad Camera

  7. i think i need to jump on the iphone bandwagon too. the only thing that is stopping me is my lovely, cheap $50 cell bill. iphone contracts are so expensive! i'm sure once i get a couple roomies i'll have more cash and i'll cave.

  8. YESS that is very exciting.

    Also, adorable picture!!

  9. you already know my app suggestion ;)

  10. Oh my gosh! Your kittens are turning into cats!!

  11. i am slow on the uptake when it comes to technology. i'm seriously slacking. congrats on the new phone.

  12. Ang - thanks for all the app suggests - I definitely downloaded a few of them last night, still making my way! Wish I could just not work and download apps all day, ha.

    Emily - OHHHH yes! I was kind of pissed when Jesse got his iPhone and my phone was immediately outdated in mere months. But be patient - so worth it!

    Beth - Thanks, woman! I'm obviously still working my way through each app...haha. Love AroundMe though! LOVE IT!

    Kristen - haha, thanks! Yeah, the iPhone was definitely worth the wait.

    El Adam - he is infinitely lovable :)

    Jamie - weee! I'm still working through all the suggestions, and I'm STOKED! YES! Thanks!

    Sarah - yeah, it's definitely more expensive, but only $30 more from my last contract per month. It's already worth it :)

    Liz - thanks!!

    Christy - HAHAHAHA ::sounds::

    Kyla Bea - Yes, yes they are. It's kind of sad but also AWESOME.

    Be One - thanks!!

  13. I am also waiting out the t-mobile contract. SUCKAGE!!!!