Monday, February 16, 2009

Jesse's selling his vinyl collection.

Jesse has decided to sell most of his record collection. It'd been sitting in storage for most years while he was on tour after tour with the band, and now he thought he might as well sell it to other vinyl lovers. The first part of the collection went live this weekend on eBay, and will continue for the next few weekends as he makes his way through the records (it's going up alphabetically!). Check out all that he is selling HERE.

Some rarities that went up this weekend -

Alkaline Trio, Goddamnit 12" - Jesse is selling the very first pressing of the record, which was limited to 1000 copies and has the original clock labels. He got it at their record release show in Chicago at the Fireside Bowl in 1998.

Brand New, Deja Entendu 12" - the double record also comes with an autographed Brand New poster.

Death Cab for Cutie, Transatlantacism 12" - a limited edition Double 180 gram record which is out of press.

Jawbreaker, Dear You 12" - on the rare blue swirl vinyl.

Jimmy Eat World, Clarity 12" - this double vinyl of the original pressing is super rare. Jesse has a lot of rare Jimmy Eat World vinyl, because he was friends with them in the 90s and put out one of their 7" records.

Jimmy Eat World, Back From the Dead 12" - according to the Jimmy Eat World website, this is the rarest record in the band's catalog. Only 200 were pressed, and of those 200 only 20 had the hand-drawn cover that Jesse is selling. The album includes the song "Carbon Scoring." The pressing also comes with material from Jim's earlier band Schon Theory and Rick's earlier band Carrier.

Most of Jimmy Eat World's vinyl discography is available to buy through Jesse's sales. Other bands listed: Alkaline Trio (9 listed), All-American Rejects (2), April March and Los Cincos (2), Blur (6), Brand New, Braid (3), Brainiac (5), Built to Spill (3), Bjork, Cakewalk, Cap'n Jazz (5), Christie Front Drive (5), Chisel, The Clash (2), Clikitat Ikatowi, Coldplay (6), Coheed and Cambria, Crimson Curse (2), Graham Coxon, Boy's Life, Elvis Costello (2), John Coltrane, Depeche Mode, Dead Milkmen (2), Dirty Three, Doves (4), Death Cab for Cutie, Dwarves, Brian Eno, Evergreen, Fuel, The Faint (3), Fugazi, The Get Up Kids, The Good Life, Hot Hot Heat (3), Hot Snakes, I Am Spoonbender, Idlewild (9), Jawbreaker, The Jennifers, and Jimmy Eat World (15).

He's been going through his collection for the past couple of weeks, and I can tell it hurts just a little bit to part with some of these records. But, he also wanted to do this for a good cause - he contacted his friend Andrew McMahon from the bands Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin because the last time he saw Andrew at the Woodies, he was winning an award for the great social impact of his Dear Jack Foundation.

Jesse is donating 10 percent of his sales to The Dear Jack Foundation. The foundation is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to funding cancer research and was founded in July 2006 by leukemia survivor and Jack's Mannequin front-man Andrew McMahon.

"Having fought my own battle with Leukemia I feel an intense personal obligation to use whatever resources are at my disposal to raise both money and awareness for the countless young people who are being diagnosed with similar blood diseases. I hope to focus attention on the grossly understudied demographic of cancer patients falling between the ages of 15 and 22. It is also my hope to use the Dear Jack fund to provide outreach and assistance to families coping with cancer" says McMahon.

The primary beneficiaries of the Dear Jack Foundation are the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ( & The Regents of the University of California.

I just wanted to post something here about the sale, because I know some readers are music fans with interests in some of these bands, and vinyl records. This first batch's selling ends next weekend, when the second batch goes up. I'll be sure to post a list next weekend, as well. Thanks for reading, and checking this out. Jesse (and I) super-appreciate it! I hope some of you collectors might find something you like! As for me, it's time to get this lovely day-off started with some BRUNCH!


  1. !!! Thanks for posting about this, I have my eye on those Clash vinyls now. ;)

  2. i think jesse should reconsider.... instead, i think you guys should get a record player...

    my buddies from vancouver came into town to play a show back in november and spent 400 bucks on old vinyl from a second-hand shop. my roommmate dug up his old record player and we spent an entire afternoon listening to records and just hanging out. now we're totally hooked...

    'course, we're listening to 70s rock like the shadow blue, hawkwind, budgie and super super old zztop...

  3. Thats awesome that Jesse is donating to the fund! I'll let my ex know about the sale. He is very big on vinyl so he would love this. Thanks for posting about it!

  4. !!!!! i want deja. all things jew, death cab, get up kids, jdsofajsdfjaisodfjsd maybe the good life?

    (ps it's stacy michelle. email me at

  5. oh man, if only I'd known...I have such a massive collection of music and I love adding to my "library"

  6. oh OH how I wish I had a job/money right now. These are all amazing records and I am so jealous of whoever ends up owning them.

  7. Mich - awesome!! Hope you win them!

    Erin - we have a record player, but Jesse decided to sell some of them, still! He's keeping some, though. Most of his 7 inches.

    Be one with - thanks for telling your ex! Awesome!

    Stacy Michelle - bid on them on eBay! My email is jessicaxmaria at gmail or you can PM Jesse on ebay if you have any questions about the collection!

    Katy - they're still up!! And will continue to go up the next couple of weekends!

    bethis - I know, it's kind of crazy!