Tuesday, February 10, 2009

But you never make me scream.

Okay, okay, okay my neglected patrons - I promise to be back later with a full recap of my weekend. It's been swirling about in my head, I just haven't had the time to type it all out! Just know that I had a great one, and I have some choice words to share about that number one movie in America.

MOVING ON! Tonight I'm going to see LILY ALLEN at Bowery Ballroom! Jesse was fortunate enough to get us on the guestlist, though it's free - I wouldn't want to miss out if it reaches capacity. Good thing Motion City played one of those MySpace shows a couple of years ago!

I know I haven't done the Monday Music thing in a while; it's mainly because I've been doing way more reading than listening during the day (hello, Anna Karenina) and also I think I got a little burnt out on music at the end of last year. Oh, and nothing's exactly grabbed by attention this year. Except for Lily's new album It's Not Me, It's You - which, while not as ska-happy and blistering as her debut, is definitely funny and cheeky like Lily. I dig it. And I haven't seen her live before, so I'm rightfully excited!

AND, if you're wondering what I'm doing afterwards, I'm sure you've already figured out that I'll be heading to Trainwreck to see my fave DJ team start the dance party! It's the wonderful Allison's birthday! Allison is Erica's cubemate and I usually see her on Friday afternoons when I visit their cube downtown with Wendy's in hand. She's what we like to call around these parts "good people." And to document the birthday party? Jiscilla's in town!

I'm sure you have an idea about how stoked I am. Who's coming with me?!


  1. "i hope she says dvd" hahahahahahahahhaahahaha

  2. I'm jealous you are going to see Lily Allen! I can't wait to hear about it!

  3. your plan for the night was identical to mine until i found out i had to get my wisdom teeth pulled today so instead of lily allen and trainwreck i'll be eating soup and ice cream on my couch. have fun!

  4. Awwww you are sooo lucky!!! are you taking pictures...are you allowed to take pictures...please say that your sneaking pictures...as i digress. you are unbelievably lucky! have fun!!!

  5. Ahhh I wish I was there so bad! I would love to go... damn it. Have funnnn!