Monday, February 23, 2009

Swear I knew it all along.

I got Jesse to open a Flickr account for his wonderful Lomo photos! Yessssss! He also got another roll developed, and it's looking great.

...even when I don't look great, at brunch - his pictures still rock.

He caught these two leather-jacket-laden relatives on the subway.

And speaking of fashion...

I'm planning a big post on the post-Oscar rundown, including some thoughts on the fashion. I'd write more, but it's a busy Monday! Tonight I'm going to Highline Ballroom to see my old friends Monty Are I play - I'm so excited.


  1. dang! jesse's lomos are 100 times better than mine!
    I need to know, what kind of camera does he use? I have holga.
    also what kind of film, because those aint square piccies like 120 film makes. his pics rock!

  2. beth! - jesse uses a Lomo LC-A+ (Russian Lens)!

    I'm not sure what type of film? 35mm? It's not square, I know that. I'll ask him tonight and get back to you!

  3. Gorgeous picturessss... and have fun at Monty Are I!! I totally need to catch them next time they play in RI.

  4. Those jackets are leeeegiiiitttt!

  5. I am gonna check out the flickr account

  6. These pics are great. And tell your man I said thanks for the Coltrane.

  7. bethis - yes, you do! don't worry, i won't tell them you hate band dudes... ;)

    e-money - yup!

    chele - WORD!

    Tru Kontentment - i think so, too - i'm sure jesse appreciates your input! :)

    Phil - aw, that's awesome that you got the Coltrane record off the eBay sale! YESSSS! :D