Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monty Are I last night @ Highline!

Last night, Perry, Kells, Erica and I rocked out at the Monty Are I show. The dudes from Rhode Island haven't played live in over a year, but they didn't miss a beat. I got really excited waiting in line outside because even though it was deathly cold, the two girls in front of me were singing "Between the Sheets" and I was like, hells yeah! But, really, I just smiled. They should have an album coming out at some point this year...and judging from the new songs I heard last night, it's going to be just as epic as their last effort, Wall of People. And once they go on tour, you should check them out - one of the best live shows ever.

Steve and the gang couldn't hang out after, so the girls and I went to a bar/diner and talked about our new love...Friday Night Lights. Yeah. Then Erica and I went home and watched a couple episodes of that. But, anyways, that Oscar post will still maybe happen. It's becoming increasingly irrelevant, though, am I right? Ha.


  1. Yay!!! Love these boys of course. And loving the new demos that Drew dropped on my computer the other day. Try and come Friday! It's not that far from CMass ;)

  2. WEIRD... I JUST started watching FNL on hulu out of boredom the other day and am a teeny bit addicted. It is a refreshing change from the utterly ridiculous/unrealistic Gossip Girl world, right? I feel like everything that happens in FNL is realistic and it's still entertaining. Plus, I mean... oogling at sexy high school boys? As creepy as that is... count me in.

    And this post made me extra excited to see Monty Are I when they play here... yes!

  3. awww you're sooooo lucky! I am so sad I am missing their show this Friday!!!

    Jesse's pictures are awesome! what's up with wedding planning these days? did you find a dress for your ladies?

  4. monty are i are unreal. im jealous. they are so chillin too. k..now im in the mood *blazes dublin waltz* haha