Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You're different from the former.

I'm always happy when the nominees I think should win actually win! YES! This happened in the case of Best Supporting Actress going to Penelope Cruz over Viola Davis, and Best Actor going to Sean Penn over Mickey Rourke. Everything else I said would win...did.

I actually liked the awards a lot this year - I'm also a sucker for Hugh Jackman. What does that dude not possess? He's what I like to call a "full package." He's endlessly charming, and I couldn't help but be smitten. I also love Baz Luhrmann, so, yes, I liked that tribute to musicals in the middle. And Erica and I definitely giggled when we realized that Zac and Vanessa were singing a song from HSM3 - mainly at ourselves for recognizing it.

The introduction of the actor nominations sometimes stretched a bit too long, but I liked the past winners showing appreciation for the nominees. There were many a moving moment, as well, from Heath Ledger's win to Dustin Lance Black's acceptance speech for scripting Milk. And hilarious moments like Ben Stiller Joaquin'ing it up. I just hope future shows are as enjoyable.

But let's get to the important part. THE FASHION! This year didn't offer up too many surprises, but I did have my favourites and...not so favourites. I'll start off with my tops -

Penelope Cruz in vintage. At first, I was kind of like "eh, wedding dress," but then they did some close-up shots and I fell in love with the details. Also, her hair and make-up are perfect - she reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, and as cliche as it may be, I adore that look. Also, I don't understand why Penelope continues to irk some people - she's amazingly talented. Watch any of her works with Almodovar (whom she thanked in her speech - they are a great team), and you'll understand. Especially Volver. Plus, she always manages to look classy and elegant on the red carpet.

Marisa Tomei. Okay, I know that this dress has actually shown up on some worst dressed lists. But, like my directors, I like risk-takers. I'm kind of mesmerized by the pleating here, and she looks fabulous. It's avante-garde but lovely. I like the super-structure of the dress with the soft hair and make-up. I think a severe hairdo would have ruined the look. And this dress would have so easily overtaken a different person - Marisa can pull it off.

[Sidenote: Marisa is apparently dating the actor who played Ryan Atwood's brother Trey on The O.C. - you might have seen him sitting next to her at the awards. What's weird is that I was behind that same actor a little over a year ago in a Best Buy customer service line, and he was with a woman and had a wedding ring on. It was obviously his wife...back then. Hey oh!]

Obviously, when I watch the red carpet, I have these delusions of "If I were invited to the Oscars - would I wear that?" And I would definitely wear the above dresses. I have also always told myself that if I were ever able to go to the Oscars, and had the power to borrow a designer dress, I would wear Jean Paul Gaultier. He's a little weird, a little different, but I always like his designs. They're usually that nice balance of elegant and risky that I love so much. Marion Cotilliard wore him last year. Neither here nor there, as I am sitting at my desk in New York.

Freida Pinto looks radiant in that bright color. Though there were many asymmetrical dresses on the red carpet, I loved the inclusion of the sleeve. It's different.

Also, how gorgeous is Freida? Very simple hair and make-up completes it. This is what it looked like on the runway:

With just a little more fabric, the dress becomes red-carpet worthy, but not completely boring.

Also good, but not as awesome as above: Evan Rachel Wood (I didn't like her hair, though), Tina Fey, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotilliard, Angelina Jolie (boring, but the green jewelry sold me).

Oh, and now, yes, m'dears, it's time for the worst. I don't really rank the top dresses, but I'm going to have to rank the following.

Jessica Biel wins Worst Dressed. Not only is she clearly irrelevant to the show (um, she gave out tech awards, whatever - Jessica Alba did it last year, and she too was horribly dressed and irrelevant to the night's events). She also had these clunky black heels under this. Ick. You can't really tell here, but on stage her hair looked very messy and not in a cool way.

Amanda Seyfried's dress almost beat Biel for the worst. But I give her credit for roles in Veronica Mars and Mean Girls, and Biel blows. (These are when those extra credit points, count. Related: I'm SO effin' weird, I know.) I digress. Amanda, how old are you? It looks like you're going for 40 with this dress, but no self-respecting 40-year-old would choose this. You know Jennifer Aniston is 40 right? And she looked waaaaay better than you. Just sayin'. Dress your age, and maybe one day you'll come out on top. BLECH.

We all know Heidi is phenomenally gorgeous - too bad I don't like anything about this at all. From the hair, make-up, dress, to jewelry...nada. Nothing flatters here. Except for the fact that, yes, she is Heidi Klum.

Oh, Reese. I couldn't find any good pictures of her on the red carpet, but I did notice that her hair was all down there and all up on stage presenting. That was why it looked like a bungled mess on tv. This picture is from the afterparty, where I guess she went halfway. Her dark eye make-up also looked horrible on tv; her eyes looked sunken-in. The dress wasn't very flattering on her at all. And, um, you can also see in this picture her "invisible" bra straps - Reese, I see them. Tsk, tsk.

And in my final fashion thought: I love Tilda Swinton. I know she's going to show up to any red carpet looking completely abstract and infinitely cool. I, personally, could never and would never show up wearing this - but Tilda can do it. And, she rocks.

Now I must dedicate a section to RDJ, who looked quite dapper and continues to charm me from afar (I hear you, RDJ, I hear you...) -

On the red carpet, an interviewer asked him who his date was. He said, "My date? Yes, my date for the rest of my human incarnation - this is Susan Downey." Yes! Let's double date, RDJ & Susan! Also, let's party, because you two look like fun in pretty much every picture:

To end this GINORMOUS post, I give you pictures of Jon Hamm I found from Oscar afterparties. One with Paul Rudd (hot nerds alert!), and another with his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt! You're welcome.

I'm glad to bring you somebody else's Barftime. Yessssss!

The End.


  1. YEssss Jon Hamms john ham. And also everytime they showed Marisa Tomei they'd show her man and my friend and I were like I SWEAR that's Trey from the OC. Good for Marissa. He's hot.

  2. Oh also Reeses dress?!? It made no sense. I was perplexed and dissapointed for it!

  3. Reese Witherspoon's dress reminded me of Santino's graffiti dress from Season 2 of Project Runway. Also -- you've totally gotten me into RDJ, looks-wise. At first I was like "Meh" what's the fuss? Then you started peppering me with pictures and then at the Oscars, I was like "OK, yeah. He's fine!" Yes, I said fine. It's 90s throw-back day in the blog comment-sphere.

  4. I agree 100% about Tilda Swinton. She has such a distinct and instantly classic look. I think she's amazing.

  5. I also had a fashion rundown with my friends. I'm actually (almost) totally in agreement with you. I was the only person who liked Tilda Swinton's look, because only she could rock that. My top five: frieda pinto, taraji henson, halle berry, evan rachel wood, and tina fey.
    Hated Beyonce's and Melissa George's. But the worst were definitely Jessica Biel (it looked like a bib! and like she just woke up), Amanda Seyfried (gag gag gag) and Heidi Klum (and I love Heidi but that whole look was wrong). And I bitched about Reese's makeup.

  6. I recognized the guy from The OC as well, only when I saw him, the first thing to come to my mind was Traveler. Short lived decent ABC drama. That or Across The Universe. Anyways, I IMDB'd him. Trivia section says he has a twin brother, so maybe his twin is the married one?

    And about the Oscars. I did a great job picking my should wins because I won in a pool on absolutepunk. I get a full sized Slumdog movie poster now! Pretty excited.

  7. Kristen - Jon Hamm's John Ham always cracks me up!!

    Emily - glad you're on the RDJ wagon! It's not only that he's goodlooking, but he also seems incredibly fun and hilarious. YES!

    Zan - she's totally interesting - her acting is great, her style is divine, and her home life? That's crazy and at the same time, *she* can do it.

    Alissa - omg! I can't even get into how bad Beyonce and Melissa George's gowns were - I really despise that over-accentuated mermaid thing that poofs out. It works sometimes, but not as extreme as those two did it. I believe Vanessa Hudgens had a similar bottom, too. Ick!

    Jessica - OMG! What if it WAS his twin brother? I wonder if they're identical? Hm. Will have to investigate someday...

    Jonah - NOT HERE.

  8. I can never get it through my head why designers put stuff like that...stuff that could be so beautiful with some more fabric...on the runway. I guess other people can envision what it's going to look like, but it just leaves me confused. Either way, I loved Freida Pinto's whole looks. She's gorgeous.