Friday, February 13, 2009

The nighttime crushes the hurricane rose.

Jesse got a lomography camera this week and already developed his first roll of film! He doesn't have a flickr (yet?!), so I wanted to share some of his awesome shots. Jesse studied photography, but I think it went to the wayside with the advent of digital cameras and how easy they are on tour as well. I think he's excited to get back to film. He's still getting used to the camera and exposures and whatnot, but I was super impressed by his first roll!

Egg in Brooklyn

At Jesse's barber shop

On the way to the subway - I pressed the button on this one

Subway platform

In the mirror at Bowery Ballroom

Jesse and I at Whiskey Bar

Erica DJ'ing the hits at Angels & Kings

Totally serious Mr. Photographer at Bleeker



  1. The first one is really great. Which lomo camera did he get?

    I have a roll of film from a Holga I still need to get developed.

  2. I love the first one too. Yay film!

  3. Hi Alix - it's a Lomo LC-A+ (Russian Lens)!

    Zan - yes!

  4. Me and a coworker were totally digging the one of you and the flash ring reflection when Jesse showed me them yesterday. I can't wait to hit the film stores with him and other cab, I've been dying for some film nerd company.

  5. yeah these first rolls definitely had some cool stuff on them, obvs that first pic rules.

  6. 1] these are fabulous pictures. love the camera effect!

    2] you are so gorgeous, it hurts. please stop it. you are making the rest of womenhood feel ugly.

  7. 1] thank you! i'll be sure to tell jesse!

    2] oh STOP! my head is so funny shaped up there! and you, pretty lady, should not be talking! ;)

  8. wow these are incredible. im all kinds of impressed!

  9. Those are great shots! I have two lomos myself (former photo student too!), a fisheye and just a standard lens - they are great cameras to play around with!

  10. i loves love it, he is really good

  11. weird - i got a lomo camera this weekend as a gift. you'll see it at trainwreck tonight.