Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And we'll never miss a party.

So, my dear friend Liz turned me onto this other blog she runs, called Twenty Something Writers. This week they had a very interesting prompt, and I thought I'd join in the fun -

If you were able to communicate with your younger self, what would you say? Would you warn yourself of the things that are to come? Would you tell yourself to avoid certain people? Write a letter to yourself at a younger age. Feel free to tell yourself anything that you’d like to. Let us know what age of yourself you are writing to.

Dear 17-year-old Jessica,

You're a senior in high school right now. Fresh out of the moving van to a high school in little Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I know - it's kind of tough. But anything's better than that school in Virginia, right? Right. You're used to being The New Girl. And you know what? You're going to have an amazing year - it will have its downers, but you will also meet some of your best friends...ever. You know, ones that will be your bridesmaids. (Yeah, there's a wedding to look forward to - your current thoughts about never getting married don't quite stand the test of time.)

And DON'T WORRY - the groom is not that tool you're dating right now. I wish I could tell you not to date him, but you honestly learn a lot from what amounts to a crap relationship. In the end you'll learn why your friends are your friends.

I'd say keep focused on school, but you already are because you're a giant nerd (that doesn't change). Continue to take pride in your school newspaper staff position, and keep up that idealistic attitude about going to college for journalism. It doesn't quite pan out as you'd hope, but I can tell you that you're entirely happy now.

Oh, and I feel like I should say listen to your parents. But you already do. Man, we were total squares. We never snuck out once! But hey - they're the best and they STILL are.

Okay, next - if at all possible, try to learn some computer code while you're still in high school, and along with all those journalism, film, and women's studies classes you take in college, take some computer programming. Think of website ideas...I know you have dial-up, but the future brings faster connections. Take these words to heart: Social Networking. Get on that gravy train stat, and maybe you won't end up in the cubicle I'm (you're?) in right now...just kidding - you're happy! Really happy! Promise. Just, some people who are twenty-five these days have a lot more money than you do because of The Internet. Take heed, child.

Also, Nelly Furtado's career doesn't really go in the direction you think it's going to. I hate to break it to you, but that debut album you're spinning right now is as good as it gets. Still really great though, I know!


Your 25-year-old Self

PS Don't be alarmed.


  1. OMG I love it!!! I'm totally going to do this as well.

  2. What a cool idea!

    P.S. What school in Carlisle? I grew up in Gettysburg...small world.

  3. i wholeheartedly agree on the Nelly Furtado thing. she just went in a different direction.

  4. i love this idea! i wish i could have told myself some stuff to learn that would help me today too :)

  5. This was great. I totally called the part in the song you were going to use :)

    Also, I wish I paid more attention in my computer class in high school. We learned HTML but I don't remember any of it. Would have been so useful now...

  6. The question is: Can you look eight years in the future and tell your now self what to worry/not worry about now? That's what warps my brain... (Awesome post, BTW)

  7. Omg, I love you and obvs the part about carlislians. And umm about furtado. Ha!

    I feel like I was just reading a "dear keanu"!

  8. Ah if only I really got a letter from my future self back in the day. Very cute.

  9. I have to say, I love the Brand New lyrics in the title here. Very appropriate.

    And the part about learning computer code? Oh man, how I needed that advice. Not having a New Media minor in college is one of my biggest regrets.

  10. speaking of missing a party...i've been way behind on my blog-reading.

    1) LOVE this post. i think i may copy and do one myself :)
    2) your design changed (from the one we both *used* to share). when did this happen?!? i swear i just looked the ughhh other day?