Monday, March 16, 2009

Man how we used to tear apart this town.

Good morning!

I'm feeling good and refreshed after a weekend spent in Massachusetts with Jesse and my parents. The weather's getting better so I even put on heels today (as opposed to my winter flat boots). And since I'm wearing heels and a cute skirt/blouse outfit, I also decided to sport a little bit of red lipstick. It's always a good day with the red lipstick.

On Friday, I got out of work early and came home to find my father and Jesse ready to drive to Massachusetts! And though I spent half the trip squished into the backseat with some boxes (my shoulders, they were in pain), the trip wasn't too bad once I switched with Jesse to the front seat (mwahahaha). Then we had our traditional Friday night dinner at Zorba's, a great local pizza place. We always order the giant pizza, and we make it our goal to finish the entire thing. Now, I believe the first time I brought Jesse home, my dad ordered two giant pizzas, and Jesse, being the "new guy," had to finish the pizza that was left. And so began our wonderful tradition - through my dad's torture. [Sidenote: we talked about how THIS was a year ago Friday and how quickly a year passes!]

On Saturday I did the important stuff like laundry, and also continuing my parent's journey into the new love in my life - Friday Night Lights. Last time I was there we watched the second season, and I figured they should see the first season. Out of order, but still great! Seriously...I can't even get into how good this show is right now - it deserves it's own post - and I'll probably get to that when I complete the third season (which is airing right now).

I also helped my dad organize some stuff in the basement, which had the added bonus of finding my old Christopher Pike books! Seriously, I had every book of his I think. I STILL DO. I couldn't find the first Remember Me, which was the first book of his I read, but I did find The Last Vampire series, which I brought home because I can't wait to re-read it and compare to that other vampire series I read in the past few months. I think it will be fun to see the stuff I was reading in elementary, middle and high school (I read Remember Me in 5th grade, and I know I kept reading his books through to his adult books). Again, more on that when I get to it!

Jesse did some practicing for the upcoming MCS shows while I sorted through my adolesence in book-form. Then my mom and dad grilled up a great dinner on Saturday night, and my Tia Kim and cousin James joined us. We followed the smorgasbord with some Wii. So much Wii, that my mom and dad both had to give it a rest for fear of putting their arm muscles in jeopardy.

On Sunday we had a delicious brunch at Cracker Barrel (fried apples yum) and then went to do some food-related wedding stuffs. I KNOW: ALL I DID THIS WEEKEND WAS EAT.

And what did you do?


  1. There are so many things in this post that are on my wavelength - wearing heels today, loving FNL, Christopher Pike. (I used to love Christopher Pike. You'll have to let us know if it's as good as it used to be.)

    Unfortunately, instead of visiting my folks this weekend, I was home installing a new toilet seat and cleaning out my closet. Oh, the exciting life we lead...

  2. FNL is highly addicting. I got the first season for my birthday last year and I've been hooked ever since. Hellooooo, Tim Riggins. <3

  3. Christopher Pike, OMG, you and I would have been best friends in middle school ;) Now there was a kick ass female character right? (It's all coming together now...) PS -- Your weekend is making me hungry.

  4. I love Friday Night Lights...and have been drafting a post about my closet obsession for awhile. I just haven't been able to find an angle better than Tim Riggins' jaw-line. It's not lame to stay at home on a Friday night at 9 to watch this show...that is if you don't have DVR.

  5. hahahahaha CHRISTOPHER PIKE !!!!!!! ;)

  6. i used to watch fnl all the time until it stopped coming on when i was home.

    red lipstick = hott!!!!

    we have our food tasting this weekend. i am so excited!

  7. I LOVE FNL, I just read they are negotiating a deal for s4 and possibly two years after that. YES.

  8. Loved Christopher Pike! My books are still stashed at my parents house too...might have to dig those out.

    Awesome demos!!! WANT TO HEAR! So jealous, but I will continue to wait patiently. :)

  9. i pretty much ate my face off the entire weekend too.

  10. Zan - yeah for similar wavelengths! Ha. I do know that Christopher Pike is more fun than installing new toilet seats ;)

    Jen - SO addicting. Tim Riggins, sure, but my heart is pretty taken by Saracen. And Coach Taylor, but I'd feel vile interfering with his marriage.

    Emily - SITA! She kicked so much ass. I can't wait to re-read. Seriously, I may just keep all these books for future children so to keep them away from that Twilight dredge. I'm sure it'll be repackaged to a new generation in 10 years, 20 years, etc. Ick!

    KT - and what a great angle. :) He's seriously gorgeous. Entirely so.

    Tobes - YES!!!

    Sabrina - food tasting is yummy, of course. Don't eat a lot before it!

    Mich - I'm so excited for more seasons! I'm about to start season 3.

    Brittany - Pike was my Stephen King. And I read Stephen King growing up, too. Ha. The demos are fantastic and they're just demos - I feel pretty lucky being able to hear them and then hear what they'll eventually sound like on the album!

    Alexa - your weekend made me wish I was in New York!! So glad you had so much fun <3

  11. I totally forgot about Christopher Pike. I remember going to the library and checking out 10 at a time!