Thursday, March 12, 2009

Get off my lawn!

Sean has a thrash band. Jesse played bass for Sean's thrash band on Tuesday night. Please meet, BAZOOKA CHRIST:

And watch it until the end!

Also, you may want to watch the other video Jesse has of us at my parent's house last summer. Starring Jesse, Sean, my brother Travis, his friend Andrew, Gaby, and I and some track medals. In a garage, playing flip cup. I'm not usually that bad at flip cup, I promise.


  1. LOL great videos, loved the dancing at the end of the bazooka christ :)

  2. OK, it's not just that you're bad at flip cup, it's that you're bad at flip cup while listening to Hall & Oates.

  3. these two vids are straight up why i love you guys.... and why i think sean walsh is the biggest goof in the world (in such a good way)... :P xx !!

  4. Ahh awesome. He's the best dancer ever.

  5. that dancing is straight up on par with "George Michael in the basement with a light saber"

  6. ria - i know, it's pretty epic :)

    emily - ohhhhh we have a problem with hall & oates do we?! ;)

    tobes - we get pretty ridiculous!!

    kristen - I KNOW!!

    sean - yes, yes it is. hahaha