Monday, March 2, 2009

Keanu Robot napping rituals.

Keanu tends to climb on me and sleep when I'm on my computer.
He used to be small enough to just sit on my chest by my neck -
but now he sleeps in my hand and forearm.
Yes, he sleeps like this.

Keanu wakes up groggily. I'm sure not happy about this photo session...

Keanu hears Jesse go for the food...
And leaps out of my arms!


  1. Adorable kitty.

    My cat likes to sleep on me when I'm doing homework too but he's getting to big to comfortably fit in my lap or on my chest anymore!

  2. Why do we rarely see Eko?! Eko isn't so keen the photo seshes?

  3. My cat just has to have some body part touching me at all times! Cats are funny and I love them

  4. HAH you got to love when they hear the jingle of food. it's like the only thing that matters at that very moment. I lovvee cats.