Monday, March 2, 2009

My weekend home!

My brother and I!

My lovely mother and father!

Things I learned:

My mom now has a direct line to Panama, which required a special phone. This phone does not have a headset jack, and therefore, she makes do with a rubber band in order to keep her hands free for cooking and other general things she needs to do around the house. For instance, in this picture, she's sitting on the couch.

For Christmas, my mom, brother and I pitched in to buy my father a motorized snowblower/remover thingamajig for the constant snowing that occurs in the New England winters. I'm happy to know that he loves it very much, and when even a sprinkling of dust has settled on the asphalt, he's out there ready to banish it!

I also got to hang out with Emily over some coffee and it was as awesome as I knew it would be! We met as we're both friends with those Monty boys, and we're also both getting wed this year! I don't think we stopped talking for two straight hours. Her blog's amazing, hilarious, and she's totally right about the voice thing when reading!! Emily - can't wait to hang again!

And now I'm back home and the weather today was so horrendous there's nothing more I want to do then curl up on the couch with the kittens. And my computer - of course.


  1. Oh Lord, your mom is so cute! I'm glad you had fun! I did too, make sure you lemme know if you're up my way again! :)

  2. awwww you look just like your momma :)

  3. it's because i'm with it

  4. I really admire your mom's savvy-ness!! And you and your bro look A LOT a like!!! Cute!

  5. the picture of you and your brother is cute! wow your mom is pretty inventive :)

  6. that picture of your mom is awesome!