Friday, March 6, 2009

Watch the world as it flocks.

A whole group of us are going tomorrow morning to see Watchmen in IMAX. We originally wanted to see it tonight, but as soon as tickets went on sale two weeks ago they were sold out. So, 10AM tomorrow morning, I will be wearing my stoked-face on the Upper West Side with eight or nine friends. Remember when I first read the comic?

Also, Jesse and I are celebrating our two year anniversary with a date, and then we're going to Kelly's Luau. Yeah, she's having a luau for her official birthday party, what of it?

On Sunday, Jesse and I get to see Kristy & Dan who are in town for Dan's show (he's the drummer for OkGo). Man, after writing all this down, I have to say - MY WEEKEND SOUNDS AWESOME!

And what are you doing?


  1. eeeeeeek! I am halfway through the novel right now and I am dying. I have all next week off for my birthday, so I am planning to finish it off one morning and then take myself on a nice date to see the movie. And I can't wait!!! Have fun and happy weekend!!

  2. We're going tonight! Hoping it doesn't sell out... Hoping it's good!

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  4. your weekend DOES sound pretty wicked. i wanna see watchmen!!! so far i have no actual plans to, though :(
    my weekend plans consist of getting a monroe tonight, while my bestie gets her foot tattooed, then tomorrow we are driving to Temple for her little sisters cheerleading competition.

  5. OO have fun! I hope to see Watchmen also this weekend. However I think this weekend is most going to be occupied by my big move out of my rents house!! WOOO. I am so giddy about it. In appr 2 hours I will be picking up my keys!

    Oh also - your package - try two - was sent out today!!!!!

  6. bethis - woo! sounds like a plan!

    emily - i saw you wrote something about it, so i'm going to write up my own little review, then read yours!

    amjtrip - ooh monroe! awesome!

    kristen - move out!! so exciting!! i'll keep an eye out for the package :)