Thursday, May 15, 2008

Have all your stories memorized.

So I'm currently reading Watchmen, which until last year, I'd never heard of. Apparently it's a highly influential comic series. And Time Magazine even listed it as one of the "100 Best Novels" (in the English-language, since 1923). I really enjoyed all the Batman comics I started out with, and I'm totally immersed in Watchmen. And oh, wouldn't you know it, they're coming out with a movie! The casting seems pretty good, especially after seeing this picture of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey's Anatomy, Weeds) as The Comedian:

[Sidenote: why does he always play dead people?] Anyways, my nerdiness continues to develop exponentially, and I'd like to take a moment to thank Rick, Adam, James, and Sean for all this comic book glory. And let's all go see the movie together on opening day, shall we?

Tonight is TV central, and I've been out and about so much in the past couple of weeks, that I really just want to take the next week OFF. Just do nothing. Ha. Fat chance in this city. Also, Happy Birthday Rachel! We'll be celebrating on Saturday, as tonight we shall be locked in by Part One of the LOST season finale (uh, how good has the show been this season?!?!).

In other news, Jesse has a day off and he's spending it at Cedar Point!! I'm so jealous, cause we had so much fun there last year. But he sends me really cute emails that include pictures like this:

Jesse - hands up, mouth open, tongue out. I love him.


  1. I LOVE WATCHMEN!!! The movie is going to be amazing.

    You should totally pick up "The Walking Dead." I'm reading it right now, and it's good stuff. Yeahhh, nerdtastic.

  2. cedar point is the best place on earth! :)

    i grew up 20 miles from it and we went allllll the time. now its good if get back there once all summer.
    ooooh ohio. (sigh)

  3. dude, ill totally be there with you for the movie, however i am going to be THAT guy and say this.

    I am skeptible of the move because:

    a) the comic is just too fucking good as is. Alan Moore is INCREDIBLY against the movie production.

    b) it's being directed by that dude who did 300, which while visually awesome, basically sucked otherwise.

    c) tom cruise couldn't even pull his scientology-ruling the world connections to play Dr. Manhattan. somethings just not right about that.

  4. d) while the Comedian DOES look cool. Rorschach looks dumb. HOW DO YOU FUCK THAT UP?

  5. I hate to admit I've never read the Watchmen... Always been interested in it though.

  6. Sean re: d) Good effing point.

    Also, Sean re: ALL.

    I completely agree, and I'm so enamored with the Watchmen that I think, even if it is just visually pleasing, I will be stoked throughout the whole thing.

    I had this dream, that Watchmen would actually be made by RUSSIANS (the same people who did Nightwatch) The movie turned out amazing, and then I woke up.

  7. i'm so jealous they are in cedar point! i get free tix from work though, so i'll make it there at some point this summer.

  8. I'm totally down to see that movie opening day, although I'm incredibly wary of it...

    Wanna see my everlasting testament to my love for Watchmen? Me and about three of my fellow co-workers are responsible for this:

    Read what it says for Watchmen hehe. We carry that like a badge of honor.

    -El Adam

  9. michelle - interesting - i will check it out!

    ang - it's SO fun. i want to go like every year.

    sean - a) incredibly against? i heard him lash out about the film rendition of "V for Vendetta" but I heard nothing regarding "Watchmen" except that he just wants nothing to do with it. b) but 300 stayed pretty true to the comic as well, according to my sources c) I don't get this point? Cruise wanted to play Dr. Manhattan??? d) I've only seen one picture of Rorscharch, and then a split screen of a scene in the comic book and one in the movie which looks pretty pretty close - which is cool. ROR - and the side by side -

    jason - wow! get on it! it's sooooo good so far - and i'm sure it won't disappoint in what i have left.

    becca - did you finally watch nightwatch? sweet. i could totally see the russians doing it. but the photo stills look nice. i enjoy.

    sarah - free tix?! NICE! i was so jealous all day. but happy they were having fun on their day off and not just being bored :)

    adam - that is effin' amazing!!!!!!