Friday, April 10, 2009

And the ships off shore hold stories that we'd make.

It's Friday! FRIDAY!! My most favourite of days!

So this week, Jesse, Kelly, Erica Z., and myself went back to Sweet Emily's in Hell's Kitchen. The last time I went there with my mother and her friends was absolutely amazing and delicious, and it wasn't a fluke. Everything was absolutely delectable! So, I'm spreading the word for this new little baby restaurant on 51st Street between 8th & 9th Avenue, because it's only two months old and I'd really like it to thrive so that I have somewhere awesome and affordable to go to in the future. If you're in Manhattan, hit it up! I even signed up with Yelp and Zagat in order to give it a good rating.

Yesterday after work I met up with Zan at Whiskey Park to discuss Anna Karenina, among other topics. Some great things about this - 1. Nobody else I know that works in the city gets off at 5pm like I do, so I'm usually waiting around the office for someone to get off or crashing their offices awkwardly. 2. Zan and I live in the same city and met through our mutual friend Kristy, who lives in LA. We've never hung out unless Kristy is in town. Last night, we rectified that. 3. Whiskey Park is between our offices and we had such a lovely time that we're going planning on doing this at least once a month! We talked about books,, the Internets, and New York. Also, hair and bang-cutting tips and tricks. 4. Peartinis. That is all.

Tonight is games night at our apartment! And Jesse leaves this weekend for LA...for four months... so we're doing it up! YES!


  1. I am totally going to cut my own bangs this weekend. And go "boop boop boop" as I do.

  2. Sometimes when I read your blog I REALLY wish I lived in NYC! :(