Wednesday, April 1, 2009

But your little wings are intertwined.

I have been neglecting - I know! It's been a pretty busy week thus far, and it's only halfway over.

Here's some fun:

I don't know if you all have heard yet, but Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 is indeed producing the next Motion City Soundtrack album!! Yay! This also means that Jesse will be recording in LA, and the preproduction actually starts pretty soon - though I will be dragging him back to this coast every once in a while. At the same time, I love visiting friends on the west coast, so I hope to get in a trip out there in my busy schedule. Plus, the demos are freakin' rad and I can't wait to hear what happens! They've definitely got a lot of good stuff brewing for this album and all it entails - stay tuned, and keep an eye on their tumblr, too! Even though he'll be away, I'm still looking forward to the upcoming months!

Yesterday after work we celebrated the impending summer by playing some bocce ball at a nearby park. It definitely got a little too cold near the end, but we're just sharpening up our skills. I can't wait until we're playing in a backyard with Bud Light Limes in hand. Also, for the winter months, Jesse got us an indoor bocce set. They're felt balls, and it's amazing. As in, all furniture and cats are in play. Eko and Keanu may or may not have moved the balls around or chased them while we threw them. It was hilarious.

Also, I just scored some awesome LAMB sneakers on a sale, and they are REVVING me up for the No Doubt shows this summer! First one being Bamboozle, of course. FACT: it's only one month away!!

Since they're called the "Music" sneakers, I'll most likely be wearing them to the shows, too. Aren't they sweet??

PS There were no April Fool's jokes in this post - promise!


  1. For one: I am really excited the Mark Hoppus producing MCS's next album rumor is indeed true and NOT a April Fools Joke. He did a BRILLIANT job with Commit this to Memory.

    Second. I am SO excited for Bamboozle. Like so excited. Let's do drinks. Oh and I need those sneaks.

  2. Yay Bamboozle!!! Definitely drinks. I can't wait for the freakin' sneaks to arrive via mail!