Friday, April 24, 2009

Come and I'll take you under.

It's time for another giddy Friday post! Yes, Jesse has left again for some shows about the country, but it's Friday - and nothing can deter my happiness on a Friday.

And this Friday, it's particularly beautiful. I want to scamper about the city all weekend and "frolick" and other such happy words whose actions I can't quite picture. I want to wear little white gloves and dainty dresses and nuzzle with pink flowers...

No, but really, what I have planned is quite a weekend with my ladyfriends Kelly and Erica. It may or may not involve a viewing of 17, Again - I'd say it's because Motion City's song "This is For Real" is in the movie, but let's be honest. We all know why we're dying to see it.

You can't deny it. There will also be shopping, missions, sunning, rooftop reading, laying about, brunches, sleepovers and Rock Band involved. YEAH! GIRL OUT! My friends, they rule. In case you didn't know how happy they make me.

And so, in tune with this theme of Rock Band, and the fact that I've wanted to learn to play drums since I first heard the Foo Fighters in the 90s (yet, never could due to $$, moving all the time, and no space!) - here is my Friday Playlist of the Top Ten Songs I Would Want to Learn to Play Drums To!

01 Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional (I kind of know this one...)
02 Hey, Johnny Park! - Foo Fighters
03 Sunday Morning - No Doubt
04 Time Turned Fragile - Motion City Soundtrack
05 Jaked On Green Beers - Alkaline Trio
06 Easy Target - Blink182
07 One Beat - Sleater Kinney
08 Become What You Hate - Midtown
09 Beat Your Heart Out - The Distillers
10 I Want Blood - Empires

Otherwise known as my "Oooooh, Fruitless Ambition!" list. But, whatever. A girl can dream. And Rock Band is helping me learn! Kind of. I refuse to play the Rock Band included "Everlong" by the Foo Fighters on drums just yet because I want to be REALLY good for my first attempt. So...who's going to teach me them drums? And get me a drum set? Word?


  1. Jen would probably be up for watching 17 Again... yet again... haha.

  2. 17 Again is adorable. You'll LOVE IT! LOVE your Friday playlist also.

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  4. uhhh i think im actually in a facebook group called "even though zac efron is technically legal is still feels wrong to fancy him" or some crap. its true. so so true. i also secretly want to see this movie.