Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And streets that only turn to boulevards.

Let's start with last Friday. I came home from work to feed the kitties when I noticed a giant "Grand Opening" sign on the corner to my street. New wine shop! Went in, drank a few samples, mingled with the vendors - decidedly good, and will return for any wine needs in the future -

I had to hurry along, though, to meet up with Kells and Erica to see 17 Again. We loved it. Of course.

He's got it, yeah baby he's got it. It was a giant giggle and swoonfest and a perfect Friday night. The next day was glorious - 80 degrees, sunny, and a lovely time on our rooftop:

Then we vegged out on the couch, watched the Red Sox kill the Yankees, played some Rock Band (I'm getting better at the bass pedal!! Kells & Gabs are singers extrordinaire) and made a sleepover of it.

On Sunday we did brunch, went back to the roof, watched some High School Musical 3 (yes, yes we did), watched some more Red Sox kicking Yankees butt, and some Daisy of Love with Colleen and Katie Brown. I relish in girl weekends!!

Last night after a very busy day at work, old friends Steve and Ryan from Monty Are I came over after doing some studio stuff to hang for a bit. They hadn't seen the place in a couple of years, and of course, hadn't met the new residents Keanu and Eko.

EDIT! Jonah astutely observed that Leslie's book party is next Tuesday, not this Tuesday. You can still buy her book though :)

*Next week!*, Leslie Simon is having a book party for her latest creation, Wish You Were Here! It's at Angels & Kings from 8-10 right before Trainwreck, which I'll be sticking around for until it gets out of hand - good parties always do. Tonight's Trainwreck is having an Alkaline Trio afterparty! Woot!

All in all, I had a fabulous weekend, and this work week is already quite busy! How was yours?!


  1. Fun! I'm visiting a friend and we have been silly girls for a week straight now. Love it.

  2. you have: friends, things to do, plans, a life.

    i wish i had: all of the above.

    your weekend sounds amazing. love the zefron kick you are on.

  3. Leslie's party is next Tuesday. This is probably the only time I'll ever correct YOU about a date.

  4. Yessica!!! sounds like a perfect weekend!

    yay for springtime!

  5. i miss your rooftop.
    also miss you guys ON your rooftop.