Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I've been on a bit of a shoe binge lately. Let me take you on a tour -

My LAMB sneakers I'm stoked to wear out and about this summer! They're pretty singular.

Some minz wedge work shoes - gotta get the summer work shoes in. In winter it's boots, in summer it's flats or minz wedges. Never heels...I can't do all the walking I do everyday in heels!

Red flats for le summer!

And my red-striped TOMS! Yeah! Remember when I got those TOMS bandage boots last year? Well, I came back for more. Especially because these are so adorable and perfect little sockless shoes to galavant through the heat in. Seriously, they're so comfortable. More importantly: every time you buy a TOMS shoe, they donate a pair to a child in need. Read all about their One for One movement!! GOOD STUFF!

And that's not the end. Oh no. I've decided I need a great pair of wedges/espadrilles for the summer. I work on Madison Avenue and I passed a storefront with THE perfect pair, but when I went in they were quite over my budget! Anybody seen any good ones? Feel free to link away in the comments or e-mail me!


  1. Cuteness.

    I have red flats very similar to those.

  2. I have the bandage boots as well! I'm going to get me a few pairs of regular TOMS too soon. They seem so comfy :)

  3. Love the minz wedges! I totally need to buy some more flats for the summer!

  4. So adorable. I love all of these.

    You might want to browse the shoes at Topshop; while the rest of Topshop USA feels a bit overpriced and out of context now that they've moved over the ocean, their shoes are still a big hit with me. I got these in navy and I've been wearing them every day since.

  5. oh i love those wedges!! very cute.
    i got these:

    a couple of weeks ago. first new pair for summer and they are SO AWESOME AND COMFY. <3

  6. Love flats for spring and summer. Those wedges are great.