Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My normal hesitation is gone.

It's been a busy weekend and week...though I got a little sidetracked by Rock Band last night! In all my busy-ness, I haven't had too much time or drive to write about it, so instead I bring you a little survey that I was tagged with! I usually don't do these things at all, but this one was super random and let's you know what's up on my brain right now - thanks, Tiffany!

Eight things I look forward to:

01 No Doubt on the Today Show
02 No Doubt at Bamboozle
03 Trip to LA
04 Jesse's Birthday
05 No Doubt Show #1
06 Erica's Birthday @ a Brooklyn Cyclones game
07 No Doubt Show #2
08 Wedding/Honeymoon

Eight things I did yesterday:

01 Worked
02 Consciously chose healthy foods while grocery shopping
03 Bought cat food
04 Took a shower
05 Did my laundry
06 Played Rock Band
07 Played Rock Band
08 Played Rock Band until my throat was scratchy from singing and my wrists were hurting from drumming (I CANNOT play guitar)

Eight things I wish I could do:

01 Play the drums
02 Teleport
03 Not care about my financial status
04 Eat ice cream cake for all my meals every day
05 Go swimming every day
06 Take a weeklong vacation every month
07 Wash my hair without having to blowdry/style it
08 Find an amazing and affordable hair stylist - ANYWHERE

I'm not gonna tagaroo anyone, but go ahead and fill it out and I will read :D


  1. rock band is so much fun! i'm glad i don't have it though, my voice and hands suffered after playing all day.

  2. not exactly a convenient stop, but while you're in la, if you have some time, stop by Floyd's Barber Shop. It's a little bit of a punk rock salon, with great hairstylists. There is one on Melrose and one on Santa Monica Blvd, right next to Westwood. I recommend the latter and go to Rob C. if you can. He completely gave me a new style for $60 but if it's more of a trim it will be less.

  3. so I take it you are a no doubt fan, hehe ;) I cant believe you are getting married soon, so exciting

  4. OOO I am sooo glad you did it!

    ummm you played rock band a lot :0) sweet!

    wait...hold up...your getting married...what post was this? i wanna see a rock.

  5. sarah - for reals!

    kamatt - thanks!! :D

    chele - yes! i can hardly believe it either...

    be one - dude! you haven't seen it yet? here's how he proposed -

    and here's my ring:


  6. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww i just got a chance to skim back over and i remembered that i asked you about marriage....and i must say that I LOVE YOUR RINGGG!!!!

    and yes, that proposal made me teary eyed. you guys are uber cute together.