Friday, June 12, 2009

I could break your heart any day of the week.

It's Friday! I'm in a great mood even though today is the fifth straight day of raining in New York!! Because?! It's FRIDAY!!

And what else better to commemorate a great mood than officially unveiling the current status of my Top Five. You all had your guesses. You were mostly close. So here it is. Please, allow me to girl-out.

1. George Clooney

Probably the most obvious to long time readers. Is there any one with more easy charm? Just see Out of Sight, one of my favourite movies - J.Lo or no J.Lo!

2. Robert Downey, Jr.

Yes, I think to enter my Top Five, apparently a charming personality is necessary. Probably the most eccentric of my Tops, I've blatantly loved RDJ through the 90s, and he's the only reason I want Ally McBeal to come out on DVD - I loved his character Larry and his singing made me swoon. This crush reignited via movies like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man.

3. Hugh Jackman

Hugh seems like an all-around nice guy, you might say CHARMING, and he's got that, um, body. He also plays my second favourite X-Men character and probably single-handedly made me like him more than I did before the movies. (Remy LeBeau was the stuff of my childhood swoons.)

4. Lee Pace

Oooh, a surprise for some! But we all know I love Pushing Daisies. His bashful, awkward, idealistic romantic character Ned is so adorable, sometimes I squeal. I dig his lankiness, the way he raises his eyebrows, and his giant hands.

5. Chris Pine

A BLOND IS IN THE TOP FIVE. Being so recent, I don't think I have to explain where THIS crush comes from and why. Jon Hamm was booted from this spot for Pine Flu. Although, Mad Men airs again on August 16th - but when is Star Trek out on DVD? How will these two battle for my imaginary affections? Other people who wavered in and out of the top five were Matthew Fox, Christian Bale, Chris Carrabba, Edward Norton, Jason Lee, Mark Ruffalo, Ewan MacGregor, and others.

The thing about the Top Five is that I don't know any of these dudes. I don't want to. They live in my head mainly as their characters and the little snippets I gather from their personalities via interviews and whatnot. I don't want to know that much about them, actually - because my projections of them are much sweeter, I'd guess. The good thing is that I have my number one in real life: Jesse. I know pretty much everything about him and that only enhances the fact that he's amazing. He's my number one charmer, my lovely man, my own personal superhero, my daily source of appeal.

So it's a good thing I'm marrying him! [Lock. It. Down.] In fact, this weekend is an all-ladies weekend with my Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party! Yes. This weekend. I don't share much of the wedding whatnots here, as planning a wedding isn't all that fun, and I don't think readers will gather anything of use from MY wedding planning, but you what is fun? Parties. So stay tuned for reports of the awesome parties!


  1. have so much fun this weekend!! and now i want to listen to that mandy moore song :)

  2. This is my next blog post, girl, we're on the same wavelength. For posts, anyways, we don't share any top-5ers (or consolations -- except maybe Clooney and RDJ would be an 'honorable mention'). You know I LOVE to hear about your wedding, have fun at the shower!!

  3. Lee Pace! Yes!!

  4. I was just about to ask you who graced your top five, and here it is! We have very similar tastes in celebrity men, including the guys that didn't make your top five but almost did. You know, I read a book a few months back about a woman who develops an imaginary friend and the entire time I was imagining Lee Pace as her friend, only I didn't know who he was, and now I know, so thank you! You may have just helped me to round out my top five. :)