Wednesday, August 19, 2009

07 - God Only Knows - The Beach Boys

My father and I chose this as our father/daughter dance song at the reception. There were a few reasons. Firstly, my dad is the reason I listen to and love "oldies" as I called them growing up. We made some really long trips across the country with our family when we moved every two years, and oldies were usually on the station. Until I got some musical tastes of my own, but that's another story.

Secondly, my father and I share a great affinity for movies. Any kind of movies, he's always been my movie-going buddy and he's the guy who introduced me to Hitchcock in middle school and told me his stories about working on a Francis Ford Coppola film. (Again, that's another story!) We both loved the movie Love, Actually, no matter how corny, it was dear to our hearts from the moment we saw it. That Colin Firth storyline is basically the story of my parents, by the way. Have I told that story yet? I will...another time. In the ending montage to the film, "God Only Knows" plays as everyone is reuniting and hugging at the airport. It's a sweet scene, and it's exactly what I imagined feeling as I danced with my father.

He, and my mother, definitely made me into the woman I am today and I can't thank them enough. God only knows what I'd be without him...



  1. Outstanding! It was a special and it will continue to be the source of many wonderful memories in the years to come.