Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Wedding Day - Part II - The Ceremony

My father and I entered the church after everyone else. We had an eccentric driver from the rental company; he insisted on being next to us every step of the way. When my father and I were in a private room, waiting to walk down the aisle, the driver tried helping me with my veil, and then helped all the groomsmen and bridesmaids walk down the aisle. He was a laugh riot. I told my dad as we were waiting for the bridesmaids to walk down the aisle --

"We have a very involved driver..."

"He should be, from what I'm paying him."

Ha. So. All the bridesmaids were down and the kindly driver closes the church doors so that my father and I could get in place. Dad held my hand, looking stunning in his military uniform, as the driver made sure my train cascaded just right. Then we heard the processional and the driver opened the doors.

I don't know why right there I was overwhelmed. Okay, maybe I do know why. Here I was standing at the entrance of the rest of my life - looking at all the most important people in my life until then, and my life from then. I could feel my dad shake, and I shook too. I tried so hard not to cry - not now, not now. It was, obviously, incredibly hard.

Jesse's face appeared to me and my dad's grip got tighter - he then lifted my veil, kissed me on the cheek, and brought Jesse's hand to mine. I wanted to chase after him and hug my father again.

But I was happy.

As Father Bob began the Liturgy of the Word ceremony (Jesse is not Catholic, thus we did not do a full mass), my hand was clammy and held onto Jesse's hand until my knuckles were white. I almost couldn't believe that is was happening - that all of our planning for the last year and a half was coming to fruition and in mere minutes he would be my husband. I would be called a wife.

Jesse's mother, Sandi, read an excerpt from the Bible, as did my Uncle Arthur for the second reading. Father Bob gave a solemn homily to the gospel, and then Jesse and I read the traditional vows to each other and put on each other's wedding bands. And, the kiss. It was lovely. More lovely? Jesse reaching in for a quick second one - does that happen often in a Catholic ceremony?

Soon after, Father Bob pronounced us Husband & Wife and we walked down the aisle to claps and cheers. I can't remember a time when I was more happy. I was married. I am married. I will be married for the rest of my life.

The driver was ready for our receiving line, even though we had practiced it the day before. I got to see everyone that witnessed our marriage and I seriously felt the most love ever from the moment I kissed Jesse through the weekend. I was overwhelmed by everyone's sheer joy - the happiness they expressed for us, and the hugs that let me know of their love.

My ecstasy lasted through some more photographs by Channing with family outside of the church, and the driver popping some champagne for Jesse and I. We climbed into the Rolls Royce and got our first moment alone as a married couple. We laughed, we kissed, we breathed - finally.

And we got ready for the party!


  1. the photo of your dad walking you down the aisle is breathtaking, lady!

  2. Oh my. I'm crying again. That moment when you walk down the aisle with your dad, seeing everyone you love - it's one of the most emotional and loving moments you get to experience. You did good not to cry. And I had that exact same feeling, wanting to run back and hug my dad!

  3. I have been so excited to read each and every one of these posts. With my own wedding less than 14 months away (and with Running of the Brides on Friday!!), I am starting to get kind of girly and excited about it. It is so fun to read the story of you and Jesse--both the background stuff and the wedding details! I hope you are having an awesome time on your honeymoon :)

    I really love how you mixed tradition with your own unique style and sensibility. We're definitely hoping to do the same in our wedding...

  4. So lovely! I know exactly how you felt right before walking down the isle. On my wedding day, that's when I started crying, haha!

    You're a STUNNING bride! I hope you're having a blast on your honeymoon!

    As soon as I get me some Gap jeans I'll be sure to post about them ;]

  5. First -- to the girl who is going to ROTB... it will be a blast, I did it and had so much fun! Get there early though!!

    Jessica -- the ceremony was my favorite part! And also, my favorite recap so far. You look beautiful, your dad looks super handsome -- love the uniform. I need more pics of the ceremony though... where's the kiss?!?!

  6. Seriously, chills in the first paragraph, tears in the second, especially about your father. It's just all so beautiful!!

  7. So lovely, and well written. I teared up (again)!

  8. omg jessica the part where you said you wanted to chase your dad and hugg him made me kinda tear up. awww. I LOVE YOU BOTH. lol cant wait to see the rest of the pictures and to hear about the honeymoon.. if your sharing lol