Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blue jean baby !

Wow! I never thought this blog would get me the chance to hold a party with my coolest girlfriends in which I gave away free jeans! Seriously. Think about that. These sort of things didn't happen before. In the olden days. Sure, my mom had tupperware parties or Mary Kay parties - but this is completely different. This was free swag for my girls, and we got to test out the new Gap Born to Fit denim line!!

I did some serious, classy party planning for this shindig. First of all: I bought six bottles of wine for 13 ladies. Second of all: I brought down my huge bedroom mirror for the visual affirmation of "good jeans" we all needs. Third of all: I made cheese and cracker plates. SERIOUSLY! Fourth of all: I had a party contest.

Let me start from the beginning with my set-up, provided by the Gap -

(picture courtesy of Zan!)

Those are three types of jeans - the Always Skinny, Real Straight, and Sexy Boot, each in sizes 0-12, with little canvas-y totes that say "Born to Fit" for all the ladies to take home their jeans!

I laid about the food and drinks, as well as popped some "Born to Pop" popcorn and put it in the "Born to Snack" bowl (they are REALLY serious about being born to do stuff!) and I also put out little "Born to..." M&M packages. So cute!

I was also provided with a digital camera and a FLIP CAM HD. Here's the thing though: I can point and shoot pics, and I've been known to get trigger happy with that gadget, but a flip cam?! For my first foray into videographing, I know I have some learning to do. The fact that I tried looking my subjects in the eye made my flip cap "eye" wander lower than face level at times - aka there are some lingering body shots. Luckily, this party was all about trying on jeans, so you get to see how they fit!

But yes, again, I fail at cinema verite - at least for now! I plan on really working on my video skills, and hopefully post more of them in the future!

(picture courtesy of Zan!)
Here's me trying to be a steady cameraperson. I'm learning.

(picture courtesy of Zan!)

Anyway, let me size up the jeans themselves: I think everyone agreed how quality they were. The Gap changed some of the fundamentals of their basic jeans, and I think everyone could tell. Some were even hesitant to COME to the party with free stuff because they already didn't fit into Gap jeans, ever. Lo and behold everyone found a jean that fit!

Okay, almost everyone - Jaime came a little late so there wasn't a jean in her size, and Miss Jesse Lee Denning doesn't fit into a size 0 jean, the smallest size available. Yeah.

She's a tiny one! Here's her and Perry discussing it:

However, Jaime and Jesse Lee did take home a gift certificate for a pair of jeans at a Gap store! Woo hoo!

Lauren Ashley and Perry showing off their jeans and matching outfits!

The jeans were a hit, and I wouldn't be surprised if the next time some of these ladies went out looking for jeans, they'd hit up a Gap. Most of the girls loved the Always Skinny, as it's basically a New York staple. The Real Straight were also very streamlined and slimming, and most of those got snapped up right away. The Sexy Boot jeans were less popular because you either needed Gisele Bunchden's legs or a trusty tailor to hem them. Even my long-legged friends couldn't fit into them unless they wore five inch heels! Here are Lauren Ashley and Christiana trying on jeans:

I think the Sexy Boot are in fact, flattering, but it has some definite length issues. I may just see about hemming a pair for the sake of proving my opinion!

(Photo courtesy of Zan!)Question asking!

So the party continued on a run of trying on jeans for a while, and everyone giving opinions and a lot of remarks on how well the jeans fit on the hip and derrier. I also set up a little contest in which the ladies had to write down the answer to the following question:

The average North American owns how many pairs of jeans?

Cara and Erica tied with their guess so I had a tie breaker!

Who released the first "designer" jeans?

Both guessed "Guess" wrongly, as the answer was Jordache, and then I asked them -

In which year was the first designer jean released?

And [finally] Cara was closer to 1978! She won a $50 gift card to the Gap!

We then got into a very ladies-only, never-leave-the-room conversation which had many of us cracking up and/or staring at each other in horror. Some things have to stay between us. AND BEFORE I FORGET!!! I just want to give a shout out to my lovely guests who endured the humidity that engulfed my apartment on Monday night - Erica, Kelly, Christiana, Jaime, Perry, Zan, Katie, Jesse Lee, Lauren Ashley, Jennifer, Cara - THANK YOU FOR COMING TO MY PARTY!!

(picture courtesy of Zan!)

(picture courtesy of Zan!)

(picture courtesy of Zan!)

Cara ready to try on some jeans!

Erica in the Always Skinny!

I'm not going to lie, Perry's booty looked great in the Real Straight.

Katie Brown rockin' it!


Christiana & Kells!

Jennnifer rockin' her own new pair.

It was an accomplished night for myself, in terms of being able to throw together a little party - humidity be damned! And it was really cool to be able to spread it around to my friends, too! Don't worry. There's something in store for my blog friends, too!

I wouldn't have been nominated for such a great opportunity it wasn't for this little blog and you that read it...and comment on it (or not!). I hope everyone enters this next contest I've got going! I'll post about it tomorrow, and the "contest" will end next week -- as you may or may not know, I'm getting married on SATURDAY, so I'm pretty busy for the weekend!


  1. I'm so glad Gap has new jeans! The old ones never fit me right, so I'm super excited to see how the new ones measure up! Looks like you girls had a ton of fun... I'm headed out of the country today, so an early congrats to you and Jesse on the wedding ;]

  2. You always do great recaps! I'm so sad I couldn't make it. Bummersville. BUT .....ahhhhhh this weekend!

  3. I forgot to tell you that I wore my jeans on the drive up to Massachusetts and they were completely comfortable driving jeans! Hooray for that. Thanks again, lady!