Monday, September 14, 2009

I won't be dancing alone.

It's somewhat embarassing to say, but whenever Jesse leaves, it starts a countdown for the moment he is to return. This morning we woke up together and as I got ready for work, he packed for Minneapolis and then he walked me out to the street and we kissed and said goodbye for now. On the way to work I thought of when I'd next see him, in two weeks time, and realized that that precise day and those surrrounding it held a lot to look forward to.

In two weeks time, my best friend Amber will arrive in New York. She's moving here from Michigan, and that day I've been anticipating for weeks now (not to mention the years it was always to be part of her plan). We've been friends since middle school, as she also grew up in the military, and we reunited in our senior year of high school to become best friends. After that, we've seen each other as often as possible, along with Kelly whom we also went to high school with, and now she'll be HERE! Within reach at all times! A text away from a meet-up! How exciting.

In two weeks time, I will be turning twenty-six. Le two six. I'll be over my first twenty-five years of life, and diving headfirst into the next. Nothing much will truly change, I'm sure.

And yes, in two weeks time, Jesse will return for my birthday. His tour schedule has actually never allowed him to be with me on my birthday, so there is something different about this year, I suppose. Plus, we're married now. I asked for no gifts this year, but he has something up his sleeve apparently. Perhaps not a gift in the traditional sense, but he has asked me to block some time for him. If my schedule will allow...

So what to do for two weeks of anticipation? Well, I always have and cherish my Curbside girls, this city of New York in autumn, and the fifty-two books I plan on finishing this year. Add to this my continual attempt at organizing my life post-wedding, Erica inducting me into her Fantasy Football League, the new season of several television shows, and Rick so kindly gifting me and Jesse a Netflix subscription - well, I guess I'll be busy.

And you? What are you looking forward to in the rest of September?


  1. Monday Night Football!

    Also, not embarrassing that you miss your husband when he's gone!

  2. I started watching the Tudors on netflix. What did I ever do with out netflix?!

  3. I think the countdown is adorable. My husband doesn't travel much for work but whenever he does, life feels a bit topsy turvy.

  4. you're a pro at the countdown - it will go by so fast!

    my monthly horoscope said september would be rough, but it lied :) i'm looking forward to adventures with a new cute face!!

  5. I'm looking forward to loads of nights out - I want to make my last three weeks of being a twenty something memorable!

  6. hey, i do the countdown too. no shame!!! we are so patient, that we deserve to be able to countdown.

    i REALLY need to do a book list this year. i should start compiling a list now to get ready. you have motivated me.

  7. Anderw leaves tomorrow for 6 weeks...let's hang :) xoxo